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how do you get to connection optimizer option?Support

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  1. alpha2k

    alpha2k Well-Known Member

    I recently reset my phone to default, and noticed it popped up a connection optimization setting, for wifi I'm am guessing from the reading. I didn't enable it and was wondering where that setting was located at in case I ever want to enable it again. Anyone know, perhaps this is for the two ZTE people on forums.

  2. QingWu

    QingWu Well-Known Member

    Connections Optimizer enables Boost to adjust network selection on your Warp Sequent as you move between different coverage areas, dynamically connecting them to 3G, or to Wi-Fi as appropriate. It can provide intelligent data traffic management by encouraging automatic offloading from the cellular network to suitable Wi-Fi networks.
  3. yaggermr

    yaggermr Active Member

    Settings>more>mobile networks>connection optimizer
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