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  1. CrackBaby

    CrackBaby Well-Known Member

    I bought my parents one of these as a gift, but I had both tablets (actually six total, due to making two accidental orders which they apparently were unable to cancel) ship to me.

    So how do I make sure that my parents will be able to use the $25 credit, oh and the $10 wallet credit too?

    I wasn't planning to open their box before mailing it to them. Will they be able to set it up using their gmail address and receive the playstore credit?

    Also, I was thinking of selling the add'l 4 tablets on eBay/CL but if a new owner can't utilize the credits, I will probably refuse shipment. TIA.

  2. CrackBaby

    CrackBaby Well-Known Member

    UPDATE: ok, I JUST got the package from UPS. He gave me one box (containing two tablets).

    My UPS tracking page said I would be getting 3 boxes. So those of you who tried to cancel and couldn't, it might have worked out. ??? :)
  3. CrackBaby

    CrackBaby Well-Known Member

    Another update: Uh oh, I DID GET ALL OF THE PACKAGES. :confused: :dong:
    The rest arrived today.

    I just want to be 100% crystal clear on this, it IS possible to give others the $25 credit, right? 'Cause some people were saying that when they opened up their tablet, their name was already in there. On mine that I opened, my name wasn't in there and I was free to put in whatever.

    I would really like to be able to sell these and be able to say, "you will get $25 credit." Sigh.
  4. tsruggles

    tsruggles Member

    Whoever sets them up will get the credit. The party store recognizes the unique serial number of a device the first time it is activated and then linked to an existing or a new gmail account. The credit is linked to a Gmail account. If they have an account they will get it. If they don't, they will create one and will get it. I don't believe that you can get multiple credits on one gmail account, so, I wouldn't set it up for anybody using your Gmail. The credit shows up on the purchase screen when you go to buy an app.
  5. stridermt2k

    stridermt2k Well-Known Member

    This exactly.

    Making something like this credit transferable has legal ramifications, would be a colossal mess to be able to manage from a business standpoint, and would negate the whole point of the credit being offered in the first place which it to bring Nexus 7 owners into the Google Play Store ecosystem.
  6. DanielM426

    DanielM426 Well-Known Member

    Basically what everyone else said. Let each person activate their own tablet with their own gmail account. You should then get the credit congratulations at the very end of activation. And for the Google wallet $10, all that each person has to do is set up google wallet on their device. (You need a credit card, but I just used a prepaid visa gift card) Remember that Google Wallet may not be available instantly until your tablet is updated to 4.1.1. The update should come about 10 minutes after turning your tablet on, if it's not installed already.

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