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How do you hard reset a samsung galaxy sprica/i5700 phone? (On BOOT UP)Support

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  1. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    theres no burden of proof so what we gonna do? be totally unhelpful cos we cannot give benefit of doubt that there is a legitimate reason for this question?

    this kind of thing can happen alot especially with the ease of enabling it and annoying friends that have to mess about with stuff they know can go wrong

  2. Cougar

    Cougar Well-Known Member

    No, I know. I just know how hacked off I'd be if I had my phone pinched. Just thinking out loud really. Referring back to the supplier means that they'd do some form of identity checking, hopefully. I take your point though.
  3. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    yeah no worries mate im not trying to come of harsh
    at most times i type its with a bit of jest
  4. informale

    informale Well-Known Member

    It's reasonable doubt. Jury usually says "not guilty". ;)
  5. A_Galaxy

    A_Galaxy Member

  6. blackbolt

    blackbolt Member

    Then some from Sweden should get their teeth kicked in. There's a defect in the phone this isn't happening on the regular galaxy ts happening on this model only but they don't tell you that. You should get that asshats name who said dumb people should pay foe their mistakes. Samsung didn't even have the drivers on the site for the phone to be recognized by their own software.

    If you set up your phone, lock it and can't unlock it by using a developer kit or reset the phone is defective. I couldn't even access the phone with an sdk because the phone couldn't be recognized properly by the pc to be accessed.

    This phone is buggy and if customer service tells you it's your fault get that clowns name and report him.
  7. blackbolt

    blackbolt Member

    Dude. If they are selling you a phone packaged with this os they can't break the phone up into separate parts and say they aren't responsible. That's ridiculous. That's like a car dealer saying he can't accept you defective car back because it's only the seats that fall off of the rails when you are driving.

  8. A_Galaxy

    A_Galaxy Member

    One of them was Country manager for Samsung Support/Reclamation. And he stated thats its my fault and that samsung are not responsible for any 3:e part software or os in their products. And then he told me to contact Google if im not happy with their choise of paying 80 euro for unlock. He then told med just go to gmail support forum and check around for a solution to retrive account without any information or alternative email adress to fill their self support forms. I asked him what inforamtion google will need, IME nr etc but he told me that is my problem to find out with google.
  9. blackbolt

    blackbolt Member

    Anyone who Answers like is hoping you will believe it so they don't have to acknowledge then rising wave of calls. They sold a phone with an os thy choose
    to put on their phone. And they gave you a crappy manual.

    Tell him you are going to the news and tech forums and will leave his contact info of someone doesn't give you a new phone free of charge. I took mine back and had it replaced. I spent 3 days trying to figure out where I went wrong.

    If they make a profit off of the android cuz that's why peoplenare buying it the can shoulder the responsibility too.
  10. bobby_1989_parikh

    bobby_1989_parikh New Member

    hey buddy i too had the same problem but got rid of it ... try this it will work 100%


    after this your phone will show display an image of a cell phone and caution symbol PRESS MENU or HOME button at that time ...


    note: you will loose all ur downloads on phone but you can download it back :)
  11. rbox

    rbox New Member

    hi i am also having troubles with phone,

    i tried soft reset in the self test mode, but when i hit it the phone just keeps reeboting again into the self test mode(safe and exit doesn't work either, the screen just stays black).

    and the key combination mentioned by bobby and several others has no effect to the phone.

    please help me, i don't want to own a brick which is worth 280€
  12. A_Galaxy

    A_Galaxy Member

    This does not work, even samsung supports says that a hard reset is not possible on spica, we have to wait for working drivers for sdk so we can rest phone by connecting to pc.
  13. informale

    informale Well-Known Member

    This is so stupid - a phone that cannot be reset without a computer.
  14. Cyberbeni

    Cyberbeni New Member

  15. tc2009

    tc2009 New Member

    Hi, my wife works for T-Mobile. this should resolve it without hard resetting the phone. (with samsung galaxy)
    get another phone and call the locked Galaxy accept the call, During the call, press the back button (above the on/off button not home key) this will go onto your main screen. press key menu key (left side above call key) there you can go into the security settings and take off the lock pattern and hang up the call and then it is now working. to use the market again you will have to put in your password for goggle account if it fails call 150 (if with T-Mob)
  16. faixan.6x

    faixan.6x Member

    friend but i guess we need to know the pattern lock first before changing it or taking it off!
  17. faixan.6x

    faixan.6x Member

  18. xlevanus

    xlevanus New Member

    Hi Faizan!

    After searching Google for hours at last you gave the correct answer! :D
    thanks for your number combination, i was able to reset my phone without going to the service center!

    More power to you
  19. feer

    feer New Member

    hi guys iam new here in the forum, but i big problem whit my samsung i5700 the screen is lock y tried a lot of the procedures but steel no luck any help for my would be good and great i have 7 day whiot phone thanks feer.:mad:
  20. dylan1234

    dylan1234 New Member

    heyy im dylan and im from australia can u plz give me ur gmail account username and password or plz create one for me it wont work over here
  21. nivram1729

    nivram1729 New Member

    To: tc2009

    Hey man! I am going crazy with the same issue, my phone got locked out by that piece of malware screen lock cause my cousin tried to open it up without asking me first. Guys, you dont have to reset your phone and start to scratch again. But ofcourse you have to know the screen lock pattern. Entering google account wont work, i tried it for 100 times with grps settings.
    Your idea is amazing dude. I've never thought it will work but IT DID!! Thanks man!
  22. rakeshvarier

    rakeshvarier New Member

  23. korodore

    korodore New Member

    Here is a big THANKYOU to you and your wonderful wife. You both rock mightily. ALL HAIL TC2009!
  24. Nimalen2002

    Nimalen2002 New Member

    having boot up failed problem! Reset method fails.please png me a solutions
  25. jess.medlicott

    jess.medlicott New Member

    i myself was too curious wen after failing 5 times on purpose on pattern screen i clicked, forgot pattern to see wat would happen... then google account. i have one, but not linked to phone. well i have to say, the above way worked! i am now back into my phone! yay!!!!!!!!!!

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