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  1. KeithAmbrose

    KeithAmbrose Member

    Hi guys,

    First off, hello, this is my first post on the forum. I hope to contribute here and help out where I can. Unfortunately I'm looking for some assistance today.

    Here's the problem:

    1) I tried to take a picture, then got a memory full error.

    2) I checked the storage and my USB storage was pretty much full, my SD storage (32gb) was untouched.

    3) Move apps to SD came up with "Failed to move app to SD: Not enough memory. (despite having nearly 30gb free)

    4) Delete all apps I'm not using.

    5) Reformat SD card.

    6) Still can't move apps

    7) Delete pictures

    8) Now, "Move to SD storage" seems to work, but appears to be moving apps from the phone (device memory?) to USB storage, or if they are on USB storage to begin with they didn't move at all.

    9) Check storage, still nothing on SD card, USB storage just about full

    10) I start to cry lol

    11) Here I am.

    So as of now, my phone reads:

    SD card: Total Space 29.71 GB Availible Space 29.08 GB

    USB Storage: Total Space 11.50 GB Availible Space 174 mb

    Device Memory: Availible Space 1.65 GB

    TRDV: I want to move my apps and music to the external SD card but can't. Help?

  2. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    This is an earlier thread regarding the phone memory that might be useful.

    Your problem seems a little bit different though. Anyway, here is my suggestion.

    1) Try to connect using the USB to the computer and explore your phone memory from there. For your information when you use Move to SD and the files are moved, you won't be able to see it using the stock file explorer. Its in a hidden folder called Android_secure which you should be able to browse through your computer.

    2) You can transfer music files using the USB. Treat the phone like an external hard disk.

    3) Not sure what you put in the USB storage but using up all is quite strange. Maybe you should transfer videos and pictures to the external microsd card as well.

    4) If you are using the stock file explorer, long press on the folder should allow options for moving. Or while in the file explorer, press menu to have options appear.


    Oh ya, here's another thread I was in talking about the same issues;
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  3. KeithAmbrose

    KeithAmbrose Member

    Thanks for your help. I did read that thread when I was looking for solutions, but it just confused me more to be honest.

    I figured out how to move my music, pictures, videos and my gameloft games to the external SD via "my files". I assume the PC route would work the same. I moved everything I could over. The storage section now reads:

    SD card: Total Space 29.71 GB Availible Space 20.84 GB

    USB Storage: Total Space 11.50 GB Availible Space 8.35GB

    Device Memory: Availible Space 1.64 GB

    I guess my question now is, is it normal to have 3.15 GB tied up with basically nothing on the USB memory?

    Also, I can't find my non-gameloft games / apps in "my files" / on my pc, so that might be part of the 3.15 GB. Is there a way to locate and then move them?
  4. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    With the handset connected as removable drive(s), use Explorer to view the internal (USB) storage. Is there a folder named ".android_secure" visible? If so then that's where the games and apps are located after being moved from device memory.
  5. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    I am not sure what is left in your USB memory if you actually moved everything to the external SD. Like I said, most of the apps like Angry Birds when first installed is fully in the phone memory. If you did "Move to SD" it should move those to a hidden folder (which can be viewed using PC connection) called "Android_secure". This folder should appear either in the external SD (most cases), or the USB storage (some cases).

    There could also be some other hidden folders in the USB storage which My Files application cannot view. You can try using Astro File Manager, or connect to PC for viewing.

    That said, I don't like moving apps required data to external SD. It scares me that if anything goes wrong, the apps won't work. The biggest files I have in the USB storage is the gameloft data which is about 4GB. I am using 5GB of the USB storage so that seems about right if add up miscellaneous items.

    So for you to have 3.15GB of nothing, is well not right. So I am guessing you just have some files that you can't see. There is also a folder Lost.dir which keeps damaged files. Try check if there is anything there.


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