how do you move music from SD card to phone storage

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  1. geesuusss

    geesuusss New Member

    ok so ive looked everywhere on the internet for this. my SD card is full but my phone storage still has room on it. i get most of my songs from bluetooth or i download it on my phone. since my sd card is full its not letting me put on anymore and ive tried many ways of accessing my sd card but there are no files or anything that will show me whats on it. ive even tried pluggin in my phone and trying to move stuff around but it just seems like all the files have nothing in them!!! i do not want to root my phone. my phone is a samsung galaxy 551. any help?

  2. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love VIP Member

    Welcome to Android Forums!:)

    The first thing I would do is go to the Google Play Store and download and install Astro File Manager.
    It makes transferring files so simple. Good Luck!
  3. djedgarftw

    djedgarftw Well-Known Member

    I do it from my computer because its faster but you can do it from astro or other file managers and you wont need to root for this so no worrys about thay
  4. geesuusss

    geesuusss New Member

    ok so ive downloaded file manager and the music is in bluetooth. if i hold it a menu comes up and i can click move but it seems i can only move it to another file on my SD? how would i move my bluetooth file to my phones storage?
  5. djedgarftw

    djedgarftw Well-Known Member

    What file manager are you useing
  6. geesuusss

    geesuusss New Member

    its actually just called File Manager :/
  7. djedgarftw

    djedgarftw Well-Known Member

    Try astro
  8. grossraisin

    grossraisin New Member

    I'm having a similar issue even using astro. Is there a way to make default downloads to the phone storage?
  9. tjamzt

    tjamzt Active Member

    I don't think it is possible to access the phone storage with a file manager without root.
  10. Rachel A

    Rachel A Well-Known Member

    Whilst you can't access certain protected partitions and folders, there should be areas you can change without root access.
  11. NHMatt

    NHMatt Member

    I'm having the same issue. I switched from a Blackberry where you are given a choice where to store files to a droid 2 where it just seems to all go to the sd card. I have over 6gb of internal storage and 0 sd card.

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