How do you put the memory in the sd card not the internal memory thingSupport

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  1. daosb

    daosb New Member

    ITT'S SOOOO ANOOYING everytime i want to install an aplication a popup syaing out of space so i can;t donwload it HELP PLEASE? i have the galaxy 5 thnks

  2. europadroid

    europadroid Well-Known Member

    That's the same as mine. By default in Android version 2.1 the application will ONLY install on the internal phone memory. From what I have read, once Froyo 2.2 is out, then it allows saving to the SD card.

    Your only alternative is to wait for official 2.2 due to be released in March by all accounts, or find a custom 2.2 ROM and install it yourself.

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