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  1. DMM1909

    DMM1909 New Member

    I have the Samsung Galaxy S 4G (SGH-T959V) with Firmware version 2.2.1 and Build FROYO.VUVKB5

    I have been trying to connect the SGS4G to my MacBook Pro (running Mac OS X 10.6.7) and have even tried to connect to Windows 7 Pro via the USB / Micro USB cable that is included. I am trying to read the 16GB included MicroSD card to import music and media files. When I connect the device and follow the directions of enabling USB Debugging Mode; Mass Media Storage Mode and have used every combination of mount and unmount from the "SD Card and Phone Storage" setting, the computer (both Mac and PC) do not recognize the MicroSD Card. It does charge and I am offered the option of using it as a network connection on the Mac but it never displays the MicroSD Card as a drive.

    I have followed these directions which are the same from Samsung and T-Mobile but the Android build looks old and it doesn't work. I have contacted T-Mobile support and Samsung Technical Support which was eleveated to Level 3 but they still say it should work but they can't do it.

    Any help would be appreciated, I have returned the first one because when I installed Kies Mini to the Win7 computer and followed the tech's directions it bricked the first phone. I have invested over 50 hours into this, if I can't move my music over it's not really that great of a "Multimedia Smartphone". I mean all I'm looking for is basic hard drive capability to move music over, I've tried DoubleTwist and Songbird but if the phone doesn't connect correctly they can't function.


  2. nodrogkam

    nodrogkam Well-Known Member

    you seem to have a recent macbook pro. i'm not sure why you are having USB microsd connectivity issues, but have you tried to remove the sd card and reinsert it? if you have a recent pro, it has a built in SD card reader. Samsung gave you the SD card adapter (in box), so you can remove the microsd, insert it into the SD adapter and plug that into the SD slot of your pro. If that doesn't work, then there might be an issue with the card itself.
    you didn't mention if the card works on the phone itself - though I assume it does.
    you can also transfer files, albeit slowly, over bluetooth from your pro to phone.

    At any rate, it should work, and since both your computer AND phone are mobile devices, take them directly to a store and just show it to them.

    I understand you somehow bricked your first phone updating using kies. The current build from samsung/tmo is: FROYO.VUVKD1 and firmware version 2.2.1
  3. ~Cha~

    ~Cha~ Well-Known Member

    Although rare i have come across an SD card that is totally unreadable by anything other than the device that is carrying it. I usually format it (the card) and that irons everything out just nicely.

    Have you tried downloading the drivers for the Galaxy s 4G directly from Samsung? And as a long shot have you tried dowloading the SDK for android from

    Honestly it sounds like you have a darn stubborn rogue microSD.

    How about grabbing a different SD, putting it on the phone, then hooking it up to the computer. All roads lead to microSD malfunction.
  4. nodrogkam

    nodrogkam Well-Known Member

    Don't format the card unless you dont care about what's stored on it - inception, pictures, and any APPS you had moved to SD.
  5. nspixman

    nspixman New Member

    Was trying to get my iTunes into my new Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Went through all the same grief with my iMac not reading the Samsung micro SD card. Couldn't get Android File Transfer or Kies to work. Called both Applecare and Samsung. No solutions. Then the light finally turned on! Since there was no problem with getting a PC to read the micro SD card I simply loaded the iTunes files onto a regular SD camera card and transferred them to the PC. Downloaded them to the micro card attached to a SD adapter. Done deal. Now I have iTunes on the Note 3. QUICK and easy.

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