how do you reboot the zte warp for market enablerSupport

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  1. carangelokc201

    carangelokc201 New Member

    yes how do reboot the zte warp so you can propley use market enabler i want to set my market to sprints market so i can get nascar sprint cup mobile on my zte warp boost is on sprints network i dont understand why any andorid on there network wont let you intall the app but when i try to change market enabler to 31002 for sprints market i get that error massage on market enabler huston we have a problem someone help please

  2. primetech

    primetech Well-Known Member

    I don't think this is possible; MarketEnabler only fudges the nation you're in, not which carrier you are using. Does the Sprint Cup app even exist within the official Android market?
  3. aenoch

    aenoch Well-Known Member

    look for the app else where and manualy install it
  4. Nas8

    Nas8 Member

    There is another thread on this app. I have been trying to get it also. I did finally find the apk and installed it. But when you run it it sez its for sprint n Nextel users only.

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