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How Do you Send Pics through Email?

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  1. l-money

    l-money Member

    I tried to send 15 pictures I sent through gmail. They never went through. It seems it's too large to send. I then just sent 1 picture through gmail. It still said it was trying to send it over 30 minutes after I sent it so I discarded it. Now I sent the same pics through text and they went through just fine. But how can you send pics through gmail? I tried to send it directly from my phone and it didn't work? I saved them to my computer and sent them that way and it finally did work but it took forever to add them to my email because the pics are so large? I don't want to keep trying to send them by downloading them to my computer to send through gmail. How can I send them through my phone? Are the pics just too large to send? Can anyone help. I would appreciate it.


    HTCRALEIGHFAN Well-Known Member

    i sent a pic lastnight its stats are

    2,019.72 KB (2,068,189 bytes)
  3. l-money

    l-money Member

  4. cave-droid

    cave-droid Active Member

    No, there are different quality/resolution settings on digital cameras.
  5. l-money

    l-money Member

    Ok. Well, I checked the sized of some of the pics I sent from my computer and they were 3222k, 4247k, 3550k, 2985k, 3270k. The rest of the pics were over 3000k. Whey didn't they go through on my phone then?
  6. I've emailed many pics from my gmail on the phone with no problem. I did find that if you try to send a lot of pics in one email, it may take a WHILE to go through on 3g. So either switch to wifi or try a couple at a time.
  7. l-money

    l-money Member

    Thanks. I just don't know what the problem is when I try to send them. I checked again and when I try to send it through my phone it says it is 2mb just for one pic. What is going on?
  8. 8mp pics are going to be larger files than most cell phone cameras.

    Have you tried rebooting the phone?

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