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Support How do you send songs via bluetooth?????!!!!!!!

  1. myselfx1

    myselfx1 New Member

    how do you send songs via bluetooth

  2. kalikool123

    kalikool123 Well-Known Member

    I think you have to go to filemanager to do this . There is sharing option for images and video in SGM, but there is no share option in music.
    Another option is to find players which has send via bluetooth option in them by which you can send songs via bluetooth directly from the music player :)
  3. lenocm

    lenocm Active Member

    You can "pair" the PC and phone and then, in the PC, right click a file and select "Send to > Bluetooth device" when the file will be copied over.
  4. sergyu

    sergyu New Member

    go in file manager keep pressed on file, press 1st option and then select bluetooth.
  5. catlover5566

    catlover5566 New Member

    go into My Files then press Blootooth press options button,press share,press blootooth,press up,press music then do the thing you firstly wanted to do!!! It's displayed in files at first then the songs are set per individual!!! Hope dat helped(= xD

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