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how do you set the "default launcher" for HTC1sSupport

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  1. cynpic

    cynpic New Member

    i keep getting the (choose a) launcher screen each time i switch screens on my htc1s. even tho i selected "magic locker" as my default launcher. also, htc1s doesn't have a "manage applications" selection (like the htc sense), so i can't find a "clear defaults" choice. any help?

  2. agentc13

    agentc13 Daleks Über Alles VIP Member

    Isn't magic locker a lock screen replacement? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mobi.lockscreen.magiclocker&hl=en

    If you are wanting to use that instead of the sense lockscreen, there is probably something in the settings of that app to do that (there is for widgetlocker). There is a manage applications, but it won't change the default for the lockscreen. (Open the App Drawer > Menu (top right corner)> Manage apps)

    If I am thinking of the wrong app, please correct me and I will try to help you sort it out.;)
  3. cynpic

    cynpic New Member

    I am still getting the screen "Complete Action Using.."(CAU) with the choices "HTC Sense, GO Launcher EX, Magic Locker" and the option to check "set as default". Each time, I check "Magic Locker" but it continues to bring up the "CAU"...screen when I switch actions. I have no "Manage Applications" option on the HTC1S... after selecting "settings" from home menu, and then "applications", it goes directly to a page where it reads: (from top right corner)
    "search" "Menu" (Menu choices are "sort by size, or "sort by name") then below that the columns, "DOWNLOADED" "ON PHONE STORAGE" "RUNNING" "ALL" In Magic Locker...there is a Launch by default...but no way to select it. (Clear defaults is in gray and cannot be selected on HTC Sense and GO Launcher EX apps)
    I apologize for the lengthiness of this....but I'm trying to be as specific as possible...any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. agentc13

    agentc13 Daleks Über Alles VIP Member

    For the manage apps options, Open the App Drawer > Menu (top right corner)> Manage apps > All. It isn't under settings. Edit: It's the same options as going through the settings though, you long press the app to manage it.

    Is magic locker also a launcher? I thought it was just a lockscreen replacement.
  5. cynpic

    cynpic New Member


    I went into App Drawer, finally found the Menu button (it's at bottom right on HTC1S in the shape of three aligned dots) and have the options "Sorting, New Folder, Hide app, Settings, App manager, search". I selected App manager, and selected MagicLocker. It says "you've chosen to launch this app by default for some actions" under Launch by Default. I looked under GO Launcher EX and it says "no defaults set." and I uninstalled HTC Sense. Now what?
  6. TheJackal

    TheJackal New Member

    Set GO Launcher as your default launcher.
    Widget locker is not a launcher that is why it keeps coming up.

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