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How do you set wallpaper without cropping?General

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  1. lmw2184

    lmw2184 Member

    Does anybody know how to set wallpaper without cropping? It would be nice to have the whole picture as your lockscreen/homescreen instead of just the center of the pic. I've googled and searched endlessley and nobody seems to care or have a answer...

  2. lmw2184

    lmw2184 Member

    Wow. Nobody huh?
  3. Mostly Harmless

    Mostly Harmless Well-Known Member Contributor

    Download an app called "Quickpic" and use that to set your wallpaper, it allows you to do so without cropping.
  4. lmw2184

    lmw2184 Member

    I've been using Quickpic for over a year and there is no option to not crop. It has always had a cropped orange frame.
  5. ezway89

    ezway89 New Member

    Get image 2 wallpaper on the play store. You can chose auto fitting to length or width and includes a no cropping option. It's a bit late but I found this thread while looking for a way to do this myself.

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