how do you transfer contacts using bluetooth?General

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  1. bezz24

    bezz24 New Member

    how can i transfer contacts from zte warp phone to lg marquee by using bluetooth? please be specific

  2. Bionic Chronic

    Bionic Chronic Well-Known Member

    The contacts should sync using your gmail account.. Use your old phone to sync the contacts to your gmail and then sync them to the marquee..
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  3. droidredneck

    droidredneck Member

    The Gmail rapprochement is probably the fastest and most efficient. However if you still want to use bt you go to menu, settings, wireless and network, then turn on Bluetooth on both devices, make one device discoverable, search for it in the other the once they are paired you can go to contacts and share them via bluetooth
  4. DCarr

    DCarr New Member

    It doesn't work with my ancient phone :(

    My old phone is running Android 1.5 (yes I know!) and has absolutely refused to connect to my WiFi or even the internet using 3G. And there seems to be no 'share' option on the contacts. I _think_ it looks as though I'm going to have to do it manually.

    I'm glad I've got a sensible phone now (LG-P880).
  5. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Well-Known Member Contributor

    GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY!! Android v1.5? Yes indeedy..... I know your glad that you've got a newer phone. lol :D
  6. DCarr

    DCarr New Member

    Problem has now been solved: I actually managed to get the old phone to connect to the internet, and synced the contacts. Mind you, I then found that my google accounts on the two mobiles are not the same. So that caused hours of trouble, but the less said about the better.

    However, I did find that I could have transferred contact by contact to the SIM card (I'd transferred that to the new phone), so I was thinking of transferring back and having to back up one at a time. Fortunately I didn't have to. So now I've got my contacts back - phew!
  7. darcyhebe

    darcyhebe New Member

  8. Traceb

    Traceb New Member

    While this might not be the best method, I have found it best served what I needed when transferring my iphone contacts to my Android HTC:

    First, I don't have a Gmail account, and even if I had, I would not wish to mix my email addresses with my iphone address book by syncing Gmail with my iphone address book. As a result, I used the above method in order to manually export my iphone contacts to my computer and in turn import them to my new HTC phone.

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