how do you turn off '"droid" sound when locking and unlocking screen? (droid x)Support

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  1. steven30

    steven30 New Member

    everytime i lock or unlock my screen, a very loud "DROID" goes off. How do I turn that off? Please note that I am NOT talking about when the phone is booted or turned off, this is everytime i hit the lock button on the top of the phone, EVERYTIME and it is very annoying. Please help! thanks

  2. quickaudi

    quickaudi Well-Known Member Contributor

    Settings --> Sound --> uncheck the box beside "Screen lock sounds"

  3. steven30

    steven30 New Member

    yea i too thought that would work but it still does it..
  4. steven30

    steven30 New Member

    ok, i just restarted my phone and its stopped. THANKS
  5. laky1984

    laky1984 New Member

    when I followed instructions available I was not able to resolve the issue with clicking sound. However I tried this and it worked.
    GO locker settings/Visual Settings/Unlock Sound - None
  6. JD Km Dnnz

    JD Km Dnnz Member

    Really late but... can someone post the. Zip file of the Droid unlock sound?

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