How does Contacts (Address Book) work?

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    May 19, 2012
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    Sorry of this has been covered elsewhere, but I am more than a little confused about the whole contact business.

    I have just bought an Samsung Galaxy XCover running Android 2.3. As far as I can tell it has phone memory, SIM card memory and an additional 2Gig Micro SD card.

    I think that all contacts are stored as VCFs. The store where I got the phone moved over some 248 of my 460 contacts from my old Nokia N95 but not all of them. I do not know why they could not move them all and I do not know where they put them (i.e which bit of memory).

    I have downloaded the Samsung 'Kies' app (Windows version) which is supposed to manage user-created data (i.e. back up and sync contacts, music, photos and video).



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