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How does Google Voice/Text over Wifi work?

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  1. citrxj

    citrxj Member

    Hey, I just got my new Atrix! First Android phone, yay!

    Now the question is, how do you get Google Voice to work? What does it do? I think it allows me to send text messaging through data. Will it use my current phone number to do so (are there any programs that do, without incurring an AT&T bill)?

  2. citrxj

    citrxj Member

    Any help? I got a Google number and linked it to my phone, and linked my cell phone account to my Google voice number. However, my AT&T number doesn't receive any texts for some reason, is this a problem with GV or with AT&T? I'm getting texts through the GV number fine.

    EDIT: Apparently the AT&T rep turned off my texting ability completely when I got the Atrix.

    New question, is there any way to get Google voice to intercept the texts headed to my number? Or will that not happen?
  3. regression

    regression Well-Known Member

    No, if you picked a new phone number as your GV number, there is no way for that to intercept texts sent to your cell phone number.

    To answer your original question, yes, you can use your new GV number to text people. People will see the text coming from your GV number, not your cell phone number.
  4. spangenberg

    spangenberg Member

    No way for people to see the cell number?
  5. stealitall

    stealitall New Member

    Add it to the text about all I can think of..:p
  6. citrxj

    citrxj Member

    What if I use my cell number as my GV number?
  7. regression

    regression Well-Known Member

  8. citrxj

    citrxj Member

    Alright, thanks for helping me get this all cleared up.

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