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how does Hide It Pro work ?

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  1. john1975

    john1975 Member

    I think it's called Audio Manager now (disguised) .

    But still after google searching the last hour, I can't find 1 specific thread that tells you where the hidden folder location is. Some say it's at Vault, or MyVault...others say its at ProgramData. But all these folders are always empty, even when "showing hidden files" is enabled. So how do they do this ?

    I'm almost startin to believe our data is hidden on their servers somewhere. thoughts ? Is anybody able to save or get it to work without an internet connection ?

    trying to hide my porn collection from my girlfriend...she usually finds everything.

  2. alpha0990

    alpha0990 Well-Known Member


    I got Hide It Pro to create a folder called New Folder, and to hide a file called try.jpg.

    Hide It Pro renamed it: try.bin

    See the screenshot for the path.

    I have sent my gf some porn and she likes it. She even put into practice one of the things she learned from the videos. Lol
  3. blackjaguar25

    blackjaguar25 Well-Known Member

  4. Anonymous21

    Anonymous21 New Member

    can anyone tell me where to find the sms? I'm not having any luck.
  5. jack_dude555

    jack_dude555 New Member

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