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how does the hdmi work?

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  1. doeman

    doeman Member

    i just saw a review that made use of the hdmi cable and based on what i saw, it looks like what you're able to project on screen is very controlled. only video, pictures, etc etc can be displayed on the tv?
    you can't browse the internet and have it show up on screen?

    and my eyes might've been fooling me, but is the size of the hdmi head smaller than usual? as in, it'll only fit on specific hdmi ports? idk, it just "looked" that way. :confused:

  2. Czarcat

    Czarcat Well-Known Member

    You are correct on both counts. The HDMI output is restricted and does not allow mirroring.

    The HDMI port on the phone is a Micro HDMI. It is much smaller. But, the supplied cable works with standard display devices as it is Micro HDMI on one end and standard HDMI on the other.
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  3. bfksc

    bfksc Well-Known Member

    With the phone by itself, that's correct...just media content on the phone to the HDTV.

    But with the HD Multimedia Dock (which I bought) you can plug in your phone for charging, view media content on your HDTV, and surf the web in high definition with a real keyboard and mouse.

    It's actually quite impressive considering that a little phone is driving all that stuff. Surfing on a 50"+ monitor is...wow...impressive. I intend to use the Multimedia dock for lots of online activity, at home and away. All I need is an HDTV at my destination and with the phone & dock, I can really get my "multitasking" on.
    As czarcat said yes it's smaller. But only one end is a micro-HDMI plug to plug into the side of the phone (or Multimedia Dock), and the other end is a typical HDMI plug for your HDTV.

    By the way, the docks come with an insert adaptor for the phone which fits perfectly and snug. But if you have a gel case or similar on your Atrix like I do, you can remove the insert and the phone fits into the dock without having to remove the case - excellent! Motorola may not have got all of it perfect, but a large portion of it they got right.
  4. SirKronan

    SirKronan Well-Known Member

    I had read that the webtop accessory was going to require an extra "tethering" fee for usage. Is that also the case with just the dock you have that will do HDMI and usb?
  5. bfksc

    bfksc Well-Known Member

    To be honest, I'm not sure. I have a 6gig data plan with tethering, but I don't see why you can't enable WiFi and use it instead, which does work fine on the phone in the Multimedia dock and doesn't affect your data plan. I've had no issues with it here using the Atrix on Rogers.

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