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How downgrade Clockwork Mod to install Virt extrass

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  1. parcou

    parcou Member

    On Virt 3.1 and it I have rom manager and it has clockworkmod v3005 and I cannot install scripts like the pulldown bar because it errors out due Google changes.

    I have tried putting pc36img.zip on the sd and booting into bootloader (found that on a post on xda) and it seems to run it where I see the green script writing go across but I am still on v3005 when I boot into recovery.

    Any help...??? I really want to install the rotatory unload for my screen and that seems to fail as well...it downloads and runs so stuff but it does so fast I cannot see if it is failing but the new lock is now there...

    Any help to get back to the old recovery on Virt 3.1???

  2. demlv

    demlv Member

    I've heard that the issue is with the newer versions of ClockworkMod Recovery. I'm still on Try to install an older one. Use Rom Manager -- bottom of screen. Select "All ClockworkMod Recoveries". Have Rom Manager install one of the older recoveries. If that doesn't work, try going to Koush's website to download an old one.

    Good luck
  3. demlv

    demlv Member

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