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how fast is it after you de-bloat it?General

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  1. leo5111

    leo5111 Well-Known Member

    how fast is it after you de-bloat it? and do you guys like it? even a 16 gig is 499 so just want to ask before i buy one... :p

  2. dportal2006

    dportal2006 Well-Known Member

    Mine is stock Jelly Bean right now and trust me this thing is so fast you won't need to de-bloat it. Right out of the box it comes with Ice Cream Sandwich but all you have to do is check for the update and it should install Jelly Bean right away. There is a noticeable improvement is speed and responsiveness between Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean.
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  3. leo5111

    leo5111 Well-Known Member

    well i allways root&rom my devices :p
  4. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Rooting and removing the proprietary widgets/apps/services (that are safe to remove or freeze) is about resources including storage space, as well as speed. I noticed that in earlier phones I've owned.

    But, as is being said by many users, the newer stuff just has so much power that running a root exploit just to rake through the default programs may not make much difference at all. I've not rooted my N2 or Tab 2 7 inch and don't plan to.. as I use them both I find no reason at all to do that. :)

    However, apps/widgets designed for rooted devices do seem tempting, I admit. ;)

    [edit] ... plus, I may root just to be able to post with some bit of intelligence about rooting the devices I have.. as ROMs and different ways of rooting come along, it seems prudent for a Staffer to know about that aspect of their phones and tabs..
  5. leo5111

    leo5111 Well-Known Member

    well believe me still makes a differnce a samsung galaxy s3 is a quad core with 2 gigs of ram and yes its fast as hell stock, but it does get even faster with custom rom :D
  6. dportal2006

    dportal2006 Well-Known Member

    Damn i don't know. Is your Galaxy S3 on stock Jelly Bean?? I just don't see how it can get much faster than that.
  7. leo5111

    leo5111 Well-Known Member

    it was on stock jellybean and yes custom rom with bloat removed and a few tweaks, yes it did get even faster :smokingsomb:
  8. RedKoup60

    RedKoup60 New Member

    leo5111 - at 12:52 on 2/13, you didn't have a device (...so just want to ask before i buy one... :p...), yet at 3:08 on the same day, you not only have a device, but you comment on how it got 'even faster' after installing a custom rom?

    I have two questions; did you actually run out and by the tablet, root/rom it, and then post, and how did you measure the actual speed improvement (what program...)?
  9. The Absolute

    The Absolute Well-Known Member

    The OP is talking about the S3 in that other post, not the Note 10.1.
  10. leo5111

    leo5111 Well-Known Member

    i was simply pointing out that the S3 and Note 10.1 have similar specs 2 gigs of ram and quad core and allthough my s3 is fast on stock rom it gets even faster and i was trying to get speed ideas for the note 10.1 de-bloated and or custom rom-ed
  11. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    Note has 2GB of RAM in all versions, while S3 has 3 different versions: 1GB RAM + quad CPU; 2GB RAM _ dual CPU; 2GB RAM and quad CPU for the i9305 LTE that just got released 2 months ago in Europe.

    My Note without debloating is faster than my S3 debloated.
  12. leo5111

    leo5111 Well-Known Member

    im reffering to at&t usa version which is spec i listed
  13. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    AT&T has 2GB RAM and dual core.
  14. leo5111

    leo5111 Well-Known Member

    i was noticeing that :mad: i thought i had a quad :banghead: [​IMG][​IMG]

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