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How fast is the wildfire in opening threads with >200 textmessages?

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  1. carolien

    carolien Member

    As you can see in my thread 'htc wildfire or htc desire?' i'm having doubts whether to buy the desire or the wildfire. My main points are having a battery i don't need to charge every day and having plenty of space to store text messages and the phone being fast in opening them. On my current phone, the samsung omnia 2, it takes me about 2 minutes to open a thread containing 200 incoming text messages from 1 person. How long does this take on a wildfire? Anyone? Because if it's still quite slow, it wouldn't be any better than my current phone ;)

    And does anyone know how much text messages I can store? I'd like to store >1000 text messages, but don't know whether that's possible.

  2. Northstander

    Northstander Member

    i've set mine to store 200 per thread, and the threads open almost instantly on my wildfire.
  3. carolien

    carolien Member

    Thanks for your reply! 200 files in the thread, does that mean 200 incoming + your own or 200 including your own messages to that person?

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