How fast of a micro sdhc card will the phone support?Tips

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  1. realized

    realized Active Member

    can the s2 skyrocket support class 4? class 6? class 10? i know all of these cards will work, but can the samsung read/write that fast to the card?

  2. jupiterfl

    jupiterfl Member

    while we are at it for class...

    how about the max size supported?

    OR THE NEW 64?

  3. 92hatchattack

    92hatchattack Well-Known Member

    I know nothing about sd cards. Can anyone quickly tell me what the difference is between them and what is a decent car? I see some 32gb cards for $45 and other for $90.... whats the differance?
  4. CZ Eddie

    CZ Eddie Well-Known Member

    32GB is the max supported size.
    Class 10 card write speeds are not limited by the phone in any way.

    For 1080P video recording, you want a class 6 at the least, faster is better.
    Class 4 may work but won't be ideal from what I've read.
  5. CZ Eddie

    CZ Eddie Well-Known Member

    These cards are often counterfeit so purchase from reputable seller like newegg.
    Cheaper brands may advertise certain speeds but not be capable of such in real life.
    Buy "Sandisk" brand from reputable seller and you'll probably be just fine.

    Make sure to buy micro sizes, not mini.
  6. jupiterfl

    jupiterfl Member

    Spoke with Samsung...

    THey indicate all of their published data says max 32 gb micro sd

    the level I spoke with cannot address the new 64 gb micro cards...

    THey also were unable to confirm class 10 usage by the operating system or phone.. They have scheduled a discussion for me with Level THREE support to review class levels and the 65gb question as to the phones ability to utilize the "full value(s)" of these specs or if they will just step them down to a lower level...

    more to follow.

    They also indicated the slow speeds must be att system problems not the phone but indicated that level three may want to see the unit after I speak with ATT tech folks about potential network problems/limitations today....

    my upload sucks!
  7. 92hatchattack

    92hatchattack Well-Known Member

    ^^^ Be happy you can upload at all. I get no intenet at all on my VIVID 90% of the time. The best parts is reading these threads about all you guys who have called in to ATT, but every person I talk to has said that they have never heard of my problem before. Its a 3 ring circus..... seriously considering Verizon... just cant afford that huge months bill and I really want my unlimited.
  8. rockstar490

    rockstar490 Member

    here's what i consider a good old thread :)

    i recently purchased a sandisk 32gb class 6 (though stated it's capable of 30Mbps). using antutu benchmark and using only the sd benchmark i regularly see scores of 8Mbps write and 15-17Mbps read... no where near the possible rating of 30Mbps.

    so this brings me to a possible conclusion: i feel that the phones may not be capable of 30, even 20Mbps... is anyone else having faster scores repeatedly?

    my phone is current gen & dual core... Lg Spectrum
  9. Skyroket

    Skyroket Well-Known Member

    I think class 4 is ok for 1080p Because i shoot 1080p( or 720o at 60 fps) on Canon t3i with PNY class 4 and never had problem with it. And just to compare t3i 1080p records at massive 50Mbps bitrate whille skyrocket records at 15Mbps
  10. nesto1

    nesto1 Well-Known Member

    I'm running a 32GB class 10 in my phone, and am rooted with rom toolbox SD card increased and am getting close to class 10 read/write speeds when connected to my MAC

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