How good is the CM9 ICS mod on the Droid X2?

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    Im just wondering before I go and install CM9 ICS mod on my X2 is it any good? Far as performance, visually, and bugs? I dont want to install this mod unless its pretty good and runs smoothly with performance and dont constialy get a "force close" messgae everytime i open an app. I understand its still in its BETA stages but can someone tell me whos already go it on theres if its worth doing it or not? and what bugs have you guys found? :confused:

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    I've been on it, and I'm loving the ICS flavor. There's no camera yet, and I can't send pics in text messages. A few times a day it will lock up for 20 seconds or so, then it will either reboot or simply continue on it's way.
    But the ICS experience is nice enough that I'm still on it and I'm not going back to Gingerbread if at all possible.


    Thanks for the advice guys!

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