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How have you guys been in the realm of updates?Support

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  1. I plan on taking my Captivate back because of the lack of support from Samsung. I know the European Galaxy S has been out a little longer, so I was wondering how Samsung has been treating you guys with official updates?

    Thanks :D

  2. Darkplek

    Darkplek Well-Known Member

    Eh..? The phone's barely been out a month, and froyo is relatively new so they'll need a bit of time to port touchwiz. Give them a chance o_O... what updates were you expecting?? Updates are meant to arrive in august or September, so if they don't by then THEN i'd start to complain.

    (And I don't know a lot about these stupid american names for the same phone... but i'll assume the updates for a "Captivate" is the same for any other i9000, it's the pointy square one right?)
  3. Mark_H

    Mark_H Well-Known Member

  4. big_mike

    big_mike Well-Known Member

    i wouldn't have expected an update within the first month of ownership really.

    im being patient till September time.
  5. gerberman

    gerberman Well-Known Member

    LOL yea I think I got mine a few weeks ago and it hadnt been out long, so returning the phone for lack of support seems a bit harsh, 2.2 will be out in a couple of months so its not bad going really.
  6. I don't mean for Froyo, I mean for like bugs. We've had problems with the GPS, SMS ordering, MMS not working, horrid lag, etc etc. Has Samsung released any updates to tackle similar problems on the Galaxy S?
  7. big_mike

    big_mike Well-Known Member

  8. sjdean

    sjdean Well-Known Member

    Nope. No releases. No updates. No nothing. Lucky if you manage to speak to one of the tech support bods who knows what they're doing.

    Had an argument with Samsung front line support who insisted first, that my network provider is responsible for releasing their firmware. I explained I was off contract and could use any provider I want, Im not tied to a network. Then he insisted Google make the firmware to which I just said "Really, Google make Samsungs TouchWiz 3.0 interface? Amazing!"

    Useless support.

    I wish they would just acknowledge the problem with the GPS.

    I know they're releasing leaked firmware to geeks, but the direction they're taking is pitiful.

    Instead of fixing the problem with signal lock, getting the phone to lock onto <20SnR satellites, or getting the phone to lock onto more than 8 satellites, they're spending all their time fudging the signal to smooth out the path in the event of a GPS signal loss.

    They're not actually sorted the GPS signal loss.

    Then if you actually take a look at everything in the background, it's laughable.

    Under LBSTestMode, you can set MS Based or MS Assisted A-GPS mode, you can turn on or off Skyhook, as well as GPS Plus, then there's another page for SUPL settings (which I thought was A-GPS) which points to a SUPL server that no one can actually find on the internet, but the jupiter.xml file points to bcmls2.glpals.com.

    Then of course there's another tick box under Location and Security to get the device to use Wireless or Mobile networks.

    That's like what, six or seven different technologies?

    No wonder GPS isn't working.


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