How I am getting contract-free Incredibles for $300 or even $200General

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    May 24, 2010
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    HE! HE!!!!!

    So Im getting contract free Incredibles for $300 or maybe even $200 HE! HE!!!!!

    My first Inc. has the pink screen issues. So while exchanging it over the phone Verizon said they will sent me a new phone with a prepaid label to return my old unit. They said they had to charge me for the new unit and will refund me once they receive the old one. So I said "Great no problem". The kicker is they only charge you for the subsidized price (before rebate) of what you originally paid when you signed up! So I paid $300 for the new one AND had the option to keep the defective one (which I returned).

    So anyway I had my coworker do the same thing, he called and complained about an
    "issue" with the phone and again they offered to send a replacement via mail and only charged him his subsidized price of $300!

    Now here is another kicker, there are reports of people buying the phone contract-free and STILL getting the $100 rebate!

    Im going to buy another Inc for $300 using a family members account.

    In the end $300 is a steal for this phone and there is a good chance I will get them for $200 after rebate.

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    Apr 8, 2010
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    nvmd, reported
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