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how I can swipe my GT-I5700 phone onto silent yet keep the vibrate on for incoming calls?Support

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  1. monnigblower

    monnigblower Member


    Does anyone know how I can swipe my GT-I5700 phone onto silent yet keep the vibrate on for incoming calls?

    I notice when my phone is locked and I hit the physical button on the right hand rim of the phone near the top that I get two options. One is to unlock the phone by swiping to the right while the other is to put the phone onto silent mode. I've noticed now though that swiping the phone into silent mode also automatically turns off the vibrate option. In my case I would like the phone to vibrate when in silent mode.

    I know I can manually go in to Settings->Sound & Display and check the 'Phone vibrate' option but that's a few steps I'd prefer to do without. In fact it was going to Sound & Display after putting the phone in Silent Mode by swiping to the left from the locked screen that I saw that the vibrate mode was off even if it is was on before the swipe.

    I guess it is linked with these but I'd prefer not to get widget.


    Anyhow I'd appreciate any ideas as to how to get the vibrate mode on when putting the phone into silent mode from the phone lock screen.


  2. Beerkan

    Beerkan Well-Known Member

    You can press the volume down button all the way to 0, and this will leave only the vibrate function on. You wioll see the vibrate only icon on the top of the screen. If you then press Volume down again, it will silience both ringtone & vibrate. And the icon on the top of the sceeen will show [x] for silent.
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  3. monnigblower

    monnigblower Member

    sounds like the best solution. Tnx.

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