How i can whatch a movie from my sd card?

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  1. mrchoby

    mrchoby New Member

    I have a problem to watch a movie that i has transfer to the sd card. I donwloaded the OI File Manager app, the movie is in ther but when i waant to select it says Application nnot available. Can someone help me? thanks

  2. Andronix

    Andronix Well-Known Member

    try with 'gallery' app, it should detect the movie
  3. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    Try the market app Meridian

    Cyrket - Meridian Player Classic
  4. mrchoby

    mrchoby New Member

    In the meridian app the movies appear but don't run. i don't know if i have to install a converter or it's the format of the of the movies that is wrong. thanks
  5. danial

    danial Member

    you can search for a detailed answer but I use a program called Any Video Converter and convert it to mp4 ipod format. there is a optimum setting for the bitrate but I can't rember
  6. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    Yes you will need to convert video for best resolution of 420 x 320 ...
  7. mrchoby

    mrchoby New Member

  8. AndroidSocialMedia

    AndroidSocialMedia Active Member

    There is not any really good video editing software in the market but I would suggest downloading format factory freeware for ripping your DVDs into portable files.

    Put all vids on the SD card and then download the Video Player App developed by Jeff Hamilton (I think). This is a great app.

    Here is a post on our site that mentions its usefulness
    Android, Your New Ipod MP3 player | Android Meets Social Media
  9. bunny201092

    bunny201092 New Member

    how did u get the movie on ur sd card????
  10. bunny201092

    bunny201092 New Member

    i know how to get the movies on my phone but i cant figure out how to convert the movies into mp4 format........ [please help] :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
  11. InstantKarma

    InstantKarma Well-Known Member

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