How i connect my android mobile to pc for internet?

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  1. zonam

    zonam New Member

    I Want to connect my Samsung Galaxy ACE to PC for Access internet on my PC through android mobile phone. like Nokia connect via PC Suit. Can Any one give me appropriate answer.

  2. DonB

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    That question would be best asked here >> Samsung Galaxy Ace
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  4. vidura1991

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    1st my Eeglish not Good its very BAD :(:(:(:(:(

    you can use android mobile and tablet


    Download this PdaNet android ( http_:// ) Delete " _ "

    run your setup file and connet usb android mobile,All Finish

    Plz Check this Files


    Start -> Control panel -> Network Connections -> Pda Net Broadband Connection
    ok, now your android have this apps

    PdaNet (android apps) its not have your mobile install this (APK) files in your installing PdaNet folde.


    PdaNetBase.apk - > install android mobile or tablet
    PdaNet.apk - > android mobile only
    PdaNetTablet.apk - > android Tablet only

    now run you android mobile PdaNet app
    and Run PadNet on your pc
    Now you can Connect PC and Android Mobile.
    Good Luck :):):)

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