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  1. chefster74

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    I bought a Tbolt 2 weeks after release in March for full price of $250 with 2 yr contract. Since then I had a large number of problems to deal with. I had 3 Bolts and am so done with it. I've always called in and asked them to log my various complaints. The did. Last week when I decided I'd had it with the crap data going out seemingly every time I wanted to use it. I told the VZ rep I wanted out of the phone. She asked what I wanted and I said Rezound. It was sent as a replacement (got it FREE by returning my Bolt!!!) and it was a "refurb" but I was assured that it had been totally checked out. She said I'd need to also buy a battery as it wouldn't come with one. At least it was 19.95. It also didn't come with the 16 gig card (which is why in an earlier post I didn't know how to take the card out, as there wasn't one in the slot, duh.) or the beats headphones. I love my stereo bluetooth headphones and don't really care how good ear buds sound as I've always hated how they feel in my ears. For anyone thinking about getting this phone, I say do it. So far battery life is WAY better that the Bolt. I'd occasionally go thru 2 charged batteries a day. I don't have the extended battery and probably won't get it. I have 3 Tbolt batts that I can use if I need a backup. This phone is faster on the 4g than the bolt as well. My tests have all been faster as well. I will say that 4g isn't always as fast as they want us to think it is. All in all there's been many great improvements in this phone and I'm still getting to know it.
    I say this to all, no phone is perfect and probably never will be. Why HTC puts small batteries in their phones is a real mystery, but again this phone has very good battery life. I do miss the kickstand but may get a case with one some time. In the mean time I use a business card holder as my stand, lol.
    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidaze and Happy New Year too!

  2. olbriar

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    Sweet! Welcome to the Rezound crowd. For the most part we have been more than ecstatic about our phones. Works great and very few problems have cropped up among us. I hope your Rez serves you well.
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    Welcome to the party pal!
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    Awesome I had a similar experience to you as well. Love this phone!
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    lol, I just saw a Cleveland Show spoof of DieHard. Love that stupid movie!

    Oh, and I agree, Yippie kai yay mother ...err I mean welcome to the party pal!
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