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How is Kindle on the Galaxy Tab?

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  1. Familyguy1

    Familyguy1 Well-Known Member

    I was curious to know how reading an e-book is good on this. Im debating about getting a Nook Color or a Kindle... but if this can let me read e-books AND do other stuff, that would be great.

    So what are your experiences with reading on this device?


  2. katinsc

    katinsc Active Member

    I have a TM tab,
    I use the kindle and it is pretty straight forward. It syncs perfectly with my pc, itouch. I can even download my own mobi files via usb. Only thing is cover of books don't come over.
    I also have a nook app and a book reader app, aldiko. I can tell you the Nook app did download my books I purchased thru the B & N reader, but the same issues are happening that made me stop using it on my itouch, the screen freezes. I like the page turning on the nook. Also with this one, I can upload epub books via usb, and covers don't come over. I am still holding out on the nook, I will give it another few trys, if not I will delete the app..
    I love and use the aldiko reader. It has a bookshelve similiar to the ipad reader, I can upload my epub via usb, the cover images come over. there is a dictionary but you have to type in the word and it will search via web.
    one of the reasons i wanted the tab was for ereading, I have a kindle but missed having a backlight and seeing the color images of the cover.
    hope this helps. if I can answer some more q's just let me know.
  3. vargas

    vargas Member

    Before buying the GTAB I had (and still have) a NOOK from Barnes and Noble.

    The nook APP came pre-loaded on my ATT tab and once I logged in I had access to all of my books. At first I didn't like the screen as much as the gray E-INK screen on the nook but after tweeking the settings and making the screen more gray in the NOOK app, I really do like it.

    I don't THINK I like it as much as the nook because the nook has actual tactile buttons you can use to change the page and the Gtab obviously only has the touch screen to change but I was able to make the screen look very similar to e-ink. The only other negative is that the glass screen does have a lot of glare, no way you're reading in direct sunlight or under BRIGHT light BUT, if you're like me and read at night in bed, you DON'T have to have a light on to read like you do from your Kindle, nook, etc.

    I don't have a kindle but I can say that as a whole, the e-reading capabilites are good, very good.
  4. mazka

    mazka Active Member

    Kindle for books, no contest. Magazines, newpapers etc, probably Tab.
  5. Tinderbox (UK)

    Tinderbox (UK) Well-Known Member

    Can somebody try the free fbreader app on the SGTAB and see if it`s works ok, I use it on my android mobile and want feedback.

  6. JenGest

    JenGest New Member

    I purchased the SGTAB because it had the Kindle App and all the other things I wanted. I have several books downloaded to it and love the functionality of the App. It does all the things that the kindle does and is easier to use. (We have both). I decided to get the Tab because when comparing prices there was so much more that could be done with the Tab that couldn't be done with the Kindle. I give the Kindle App and my Tab 2 thumbs up!!
  7. TomXP411

    TomXP411 Well-Known Member

    FBReader, Aldiko, Google Books, Kindle, and Nook all look AWESOME on the Tab screen. I say that if you want it for an e-reader, then the Tab is an A+ choice.
  8. jcbama85

    jcbama85 Member

    It works very well.
  9. abhisheknandi

    abhisheknandi New Member

    Hi guys, I want to buy the TAB purely because of its form factor as I want to read ebooks on it.
    Can i read any format in TAB using the various apps you all have discussed?
    Can i use Calibre to convert any format into Tab readable format (not sure if it is epub-DRM or something like that).

    Any information is welcome, especially from those who use TAB primarily for reading

  10. DKYang

    DKYang Well-Known Member

    Dunno about the other apps, but a quick search for Aldiko shows they support PDF and e-Pub.

  11. ghostyjack

    ghostyjack Active Member

    I've been using my Tab for a little while now for reading and have numerous books in many different formats.

    Using the different readers mentioned above, it's possible to read just about any book format available. The exception being LIT with is an MS propriety format and is unlikely to be read on any other device that a PC or Pocket PC. There may be other formats but apart from LIT, I've not come across one I couldn't read.

    Also to note, don't forget that if the file is DRM'ed it may not be possible to read it on the Tab as only some of the DRM'ed formats have readers available that support DRM, (e.g. DRM'ed EPUB's can be read with the Aldiko reader is it uses the standard ADE DRM).
  12. 3098

    3098 Member

    The SG Tab makes an excellent reader! First of all, it is the size of most e-book readers and most books! Secondly, why carry device2 when you have the same functionality on device1?

    The Tab makes for a very good reader, but the only drawback is it's weight. If you can manage that, no one has to buy anything else to read a book! Maybe, just a hot chocolate ;)
  13. Cobravision

    Cobravision Well-Known Member

    The SGT makes for a great reader, but if I want to use the Kindle app in bed, I use my Evo because it's smaller and lighter and one handed. The SGT really requires two hands if you're going to be reading for an extended period.

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