How is Metro PCS service in NYC?

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  1. billyrebo

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    How is Metro pcs service in NYC? How strong is 4G service in manhattan? How far does the 4G coverage extend away from the city towards long island, westchester, new jersey? How is phone coverage in manhattan buildings compared to Virgin Mobile? I am thinking about switching from VM and need help.

  2. Jeyd02

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  4. nycnyc

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    Not really... I get great coverage, haven't has any dropped calls (although I haven't made many). Can't really speak on 4G as I currently don't have a 4G phone, but there's a reason why Metro has no 3G coverage in SoCal. And that's because Metro has only started implementing EVDO in some areas (they announced that EVDO would be coming to only 20% of its home markets this year). Most of its coverage areas are still 1X.

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