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How is the GPS this time around?Support

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  1. themagicool1

    themagicool1 Member

    My biggest gripe about the Galaxy S (captivate) was the awful GPS issues. I would like to get feedback on the new GSII and its GPS. Did they finally get it right?

  2. robhs

    robhs Well-Known Member

    Mine seems to work very well, much better than my Captivate(s) ever did.
    i have only had it for a day, so I need to do more testing.

    So far, it seems to work the way it should.
  3. maerlim

    maerlim Well-Known Member

    I've gotten locks everywhere I've tried, usually in 10 seconds or less.
  4. HeroNtheShadow

    HeroNtheShadow Well-Known Member

    My GPS has locked on everytime. Last time it was accurate to 2 feet...I checked it by the satellite layer in GPS from my driveway. The Google Earth photo even had both my cars in the driveway LOL
  5. foxbat121

    foxbat121 Member

    It certainly worked better than Captivate. But it is not perfect. I can still see blue circles grow and shrink while driving using Google Nav. However, unlike Captivate, the car position is still correct (Captivate will jump to nearby road). Just the accuracy fluctuates a lot while driving.

    My Captivate can lock on w/o problem and pretty accurate while standing still. Use it while driving is another story. That's why I dumped it.
  6. AndroidDazed

    AndroidDazed Member

    Seems to work just fine. I've attempted to acquire my position about a dozen or so times in the last couple days and it's locked in fairly quickly and accurately each and every time. The only failure I received was in a garage and that's to be expected.
  7. Boondoc

    Boondoc Well-Known Member

    next time i'm out i'll post up a mytracks log
  8. cincyrob

    cincyrob Well-Known Member

    well i went to my ATT store and fell in love. the GSII is just sweet!!!!!! weighs less than my cappy its bigger but not noticeable with it being so light. everything about this phone is what the captivate should have been. the att rep there has one and he said the battery life on it is about 2 1/2 times better than the captivate(GS) and the GPS is out of the world. i turned on gps test and he did as well inside the store. he got 9 locks in about 30 seconds. i got none until i went outside and waited about 2 minutes.

    the only down fall is i have to wait until june 8th 2012 before im eligible for the upgrade. sure i can pay the early upgrade fee of $250 on top of the $199 for the phone. but im not gonna do that...lol heck come time for my upgrade and i can get the GSII for about the same as i paid for my cappy...$50 but dang i want one now!!!!!! i envy you all that have one..
  9. Boondoc

    Boondoc Well-Known Member

    as promised, a mytracks trail

    2011-10-04 19:53 - Google Maps

    overall the GPS is great. sure i wasn't always shown on the right side of the road the whole time (i assure you don't drive on the wrong side) but it doesn't have me going off in wild directions or on the wrong roads. i'm satisfied.

    lastly that deviation at around 9o'clock was all me, not gps. i missed my turn and had to cut through a gas station.
  10. t90

    t90 Member

    Used Navigator on the way to work and never once lost lock. On my Cappy it would show me sliding through an intersection when I stopped at a red light. No more of that! Extremely pleased with the GPS on this phone!
  11. cincyrob

    cincyrob Well-Known Member

    oh happy days!!!!! i just dont think im gonna be able to wait 8 months to get one..lol
  12. maerlim

    maerlim Well-Known Member

    In 8 months you'll be lusting over the SGSII's replacement. ;)
    cincyrob likes this.
  13. NaplesBill

    NaplesBill Well-Known Member

    I am on day 4 with this device and have not had a single issue with GPS. I use a GPS speedometer app everytime I drive. So, if there were issues, I would have noticed them by now.
  14. boggdy

    boggdy Well-Known Member

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