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How is the video and picture quality?General

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  1. nardva

    nardva Well-Known Member

    I don't have the phone myself but I'm looking at getting one. How is the picture and video quality with the back camera? Is the FFC any good for pics and video chat?

  2. haris9

    haris9 Well-Known Member

    I observe the pics quality is better than desire hd and i am satisfied with pics coz i have both phones. but the video quality is same, some times it lags in making videos. FFC is also cool. 1.3mp is acceptable and better than VGA but I downloaded skype and it didn't support.
  3. travisbest

    travisbest Active Member

    Have you tried to use it with Google Talk (starting the video-call from PC and answering on the phone)?
  4. nardva

    nardva Well-Known Member

    Does anybody know how the pics and video quality of the Incredible S stack up against the quality of the pics and video from an Iphone 4/Ipod Touch?
  5. haris9

    haris9 Well-Known Member

    today i installed yahoo messenger from android market for video chat. but my front facing camera didn't start itself. only back camera worked. I put my chat on hold and went to camera setting, select front camera option and started again messenger but again back camera display. Really i couldn't figure out exactly where is the fault,yahoo messenger or incredible s doesn't support so far?:mad:
  6. gudge

    gudge New Member

    FFC works well with Tango.
  7. I only got iPod Touch 4 and Incredible S, and of course the picture is much better than iPod Touch 4. The back camera of Incredible S is 8 mega pixels.

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