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  1. foe84

    foe84 Well-Known Member

    I've been reading up on this tablet and the galaxy tab 2. From what i know they both have flash support, both have ICS, and both seem like pretty solid devices. I would mainly use it for streaming netflix, email, google drive, games, web browsing.

    I figure i'd wait til black friday ads come out to see if anything deals are going on. so far i've seen the galaxy for $350 ($300 used-at that pt its probably better to go new) and a refurb acer for $189.

    The other thing is I'm confused about the hdmi port on the acer? We have a vga connection projector at school, but that isn't a deal breaker.

    anyone have experience with both?


  2. lordfly911

    lordfly911 Well-Known Member

    No HDMI port on A200. But I like it for everything you have mentioned. I use it a lot and take it with me everywhere. When I do not have wifi available I just use my phone as a hotspot.
  3. foe84

    foe84 Well-Known Member

    would the asus transformer tf300 be overkill?

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