How long after placing you order did you receive your phone?General

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  1. Twiz

    Twiz Well-Known Member

    Going to be ordering the Nexus 5 and was wondering if I will have out by next weekend.

  2. Claghorn

    Claghorn Well-Known Member

    I ordered mine from google play store with standard shipping on the morning of Apr 1 (no, really :), and UPS left it at my door in the afternoon of Apr 3. Kentucky to South Florida in just a couple of days. I was impressed.
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  3. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    About two weeks
  4. Twiz

    Twiz Well-Known Member

    Wow that IS fast!! Did you choose 2 day shipping?

    Just ordered mine 2 day shipping. Black 32gb! :)
  5. Claghorn

    Claghorn Well-Known Member

    Nope, I wasn't in a hurry, I just let it default to standard shipping (which turned out to be UPS ground). Looks like it will be the middle of next week before the case and Qi charger I ordered from amazon at the same time get here (with the I don't care how long it takes free shipping :)
  6. gapi

    gapi VIP Member VIP Member

    I upgraded the shipping option at purchase and it arrived the next day. It came out of Kentucky, to GA.
  7. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    They are getting em out really quick these days. Just had mine replaced last week because the speaker was popping,,,Called Google Thursday Morning, got an email to place an order for my replacement within an hour, and it was delivered Friday afternoon.
  8. Wrend

    Wrend Well-Known Member

    About... 10 minutes. They had to find their last one in the back room.

    When my screen broke, I think it took 2 days before I got my replacement Nexus 5, using my Sprint sponsored insurance coverage.
  9. Twiz

    Twiz Well-Known Member

    Sounds great! I've had my Droid RAZR Maxx for far too long. Haven't been this excited about a phone since my HTC Incredible!
  10. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    Wow...the HTC INC!!! To this day it holds a special place in my phone Heart! That phone to me was one of my favorite of all time, the original with the Amoled screen was just something special.

    Back to the! Yea your gonna love it, best all around Android Phone, everything just meshes very well, my second choice would be the M8 these days, but the camera being better on the nexus 5 has kept it in my hands where it will most likely stay until another nexus gets released.
  11. chukka63

    chukka63 Well-Known Member

    2 days ,standard shipping
  12. gtbarry

    gtbarry Well-Known Member

    First one:
    Ordered on March 7th.
    Left Warehouse in Louisville, KY on March 10th (standard shipping)
    Delivered in California on March 14th

    Second one:
    Ordered on March 17th
    Left Warehouse in Louisville, KY on March 18th (2-day shipping)
    Delivered in California on March 19th
  13. g01851

    g01851 Well-Known Member

    Mine took 7 days (friday to friday), I live in CA.
  14. 047

    047 Member

    3-4 days.
  15. revel

    revel Well-Known Member

    I ordered mine at 10 am delivered 7am the following morning.
  16. 24twentysix

    24twentysix Active Member

    Ordered mine Sunday and came to my doorstep on Thursday. Standard shipping from Kentucky to Upstate NY
  17. maxwelbd

    maxwelbd Active Member

    Ordered mine yesterday afternoon and it arrived today at 12:46. I did pay for overnight shipping. I've been having a lot of trouble with my old phone and finally made the plunge, and I didn't want to wait any longer than I had to.

    From order to arrival time was about 21 hours. :)
  18. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin' Moderator

    All US Nexus devices ship out of Lexington, Kentucky from what I've seen. If you go with standard shipping, it will depend on how close you are to that. I don't even need to purchase two day shipping because it already gets to my location in 2-3 days anyways.
  19. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

    I ordered late Monday afternoon, April 21, paid for two day air, and it arrived on Wednesday.
  20. beanboy89

    beanboy89 Active Member

    Ordered the phone on Saturday, it shipped Monday, and it arrived today (Wednesday).

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