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how long does it take to root, get a custom rom, how hard is it, etc?

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  1. makewayhomer

    makewayhomer Well-Known Member

    I have never rooted before. I am not a software engineer and do not want get involved in lots of minutia and typing and small steps I could screw up.

    I am ok with downloading some files and say a 15 minute process, but don't want to go hunting and pecking for various files strewn across the internets, and if I miss 1 or a step or type a wrong letter my phone is a brick

    is rooting for me? how long will it take me? is it a giant pita?

    I would root to get better battery life, remove bloatware, and free hotspot

  2. kkl1993

    kkl1993 Well-Known Member

    rooting will take you no longer than 10 minutes if you use unrevoked. all u need is the file and plugging your phone into your comp. unrevoked does everything for you.
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  3. kkl1993

    kkl1993 Well-Known Member

    with rooting you can have wireless tether, save battery, make your phone go faster, install custom ROMs (easy process, just wipe and flash). you are more free with root then you are without root. and if you ever happen to return or replace your phone you can easily unroot
  4. makewayhomer

    makewayhomer Well-Known Member


    I read this guide but it seemed like a lot more than 10 minutes worth of stuff
  5. TheWhiteBandito

    TheWhiteBandito Well-Known Member

    10 minutes to do the root process.
    Maybe an hour to get a custom ROM WITH everything setup (apps, contacts etc).

    It's all very simple if you follow the directions.
  6. jiggad369

    jiggad369 Active Member

    That''s the guide for pre-Unrevoked 3.2 root.
  7. GiveMeItNow

    GiveMeItNow Well-Known Member

    Rooting is the easiest thing to do with Unrevoked. Install a driver, run the program, plug phone in, have a cold one!
  8. lewy.lewy

    lewy.lewy Member

    What do you mean by unrevoked 3.2?
  9. Terabethia

    Terabethia Well-Known Member

    3.2 is the latest build that Unrevoked is working on, you can find it here:

    Right now it's in testing but it should be up within a couple of days. Maybe even today.

    When it's finished, it will be everything all in one. It will root the phone and turn S-OFF all in one step, whereas before it was 2 different programs.

    It's what I am waiting for :D Because A) I'm lazy, B) this will be my first root and I want a program that is simple C) I want to use a program created by Dev's that know their shit and consistently release amazing products.
  10. jamor

    jamor Well-Known Member

    It doesn't take long and it's really easy.

    All you are doing is downloading, extracting and running drivers and files/exes and backing up your system.

    You don't have to input any commands until you get into removing bloatware and stuff but technically that isn't part of the rooting process anyways.

    The links are all given to you as well as a walk through.

    You don't have to be very tech savvy. It's intimidating at first but after you are done you will be like "are you serious, that was it?"
  11. ChiTownJim

    ChiTownJim Well-Known Member

    Recently I unrooted, then rerooted, flashed a new rom and kernal and got all my programs and screens back to normal in under 40minutes. Most that times was just waiting for Titanium to install everything.

    It's super easy to root this phone thanks to UnRevoked should take 5 minutes to download and install the drivers then plug your phone in open up unrevoked and within 5minutes you'll be rooted
  12. ACD168

    ACD168 Well-Known Member

    took me one minute
  13. ACD168

    ACD168 Well-Known Member

    I just got a refurb I've been testing everything out, unrooting from leaked 2.1, unrooted from leaked 2.2m s-on, s-off, RUU, everything,

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