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How Long Does it Take your Vibrant Battery to Drain?Support

How long does it take your battery to die?

  1. More than a day

  2. One full day

  3. Half a day

  4. A few hours

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  1. djgpenny

    djgpenny Active Member

    I switched recently from a Treo 680. I loved my old phone but the Vibrant is a google (pun intended) times nicer!

    One issue I have is the battery drain! My Treo used to go 2-3 days no problem. My Vibrant needs to be charged everyday or it dies=bigger electric bill for those of you who pay for your own juice! What's your experience like? Any tips?

    At the very least, please let us all hear from you how long it takes your battery drain, how you use your phone. Here's me for example:

    Battery Drain: One day
    General Usage: light phone use, light web browsing, light number of apps running in the background, no games played.

  2. princetonbc

    princetonbc Active Member

    on light use I get 12 to 15 hours by light I mean some facebook, email, calls and reading newspapers.
    on heavy use I get 8 10 10 hours by heavy use I mean lots of internet, games, mp3 facebook, & calling

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