how long does nandroid restore take?

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  1. skunkd

    skunkd Well-Known Member

    Its been about 25 min now that mine has been running at the open box with the arrow pointing at the android alien. just wondering how long this process usually takes? there is no status bar??

  2. Mr. Monkey

    Mr. Monkey Well-Known Member

    Does it have any text on the window? it shouldnt take that long. you didnt update your radio and wimax did you?
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  3. novox77

    novox77 Leeeroy Jennnkinnns! VIP Member

    What recovery are you using? Based on your desc, i'd guess clockworkmod. Shouldn't take more than 10 min. And normally, there's lots of text telling you what it's restoring. It might have hung. I'd try again. Might need to pull battery if pushing any buttons doesn't do anything.
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  4. skunkd

    skunkd Well-Known Member

    yea clockwork,

    no text at all came up just the openbox with arrow coming out the top pointing down to the android guy.

    i'll try a battery pull and report back it seemed too long.

    i'm trying to revert to my non psfreedom kernel (i made a nandroid before i installed the ps3 hack)
  5. skunkd

    skunkd Well-Known Member

    seems it just hung! lol i didnt even pull the battery all i did was hit the power button and it went right back to the main clockwork recovery screen... weird i'll reboot and try again.

    That was it... now the status bar for the restore popped up instantly this time around :) thanks guys for the help i was afraid to pull the batt or try shutting it off cause i thought it might brick.

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