how long does the 4.0 ics update take?General

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  1. kelbob

    kelbob Member

    only had this phone a day and already got the 4.0 update. only problem im having is that its taking hours to update! is that normal and do i have to be connected to wi fi while it installs? thanks :eek:

  2. iamviveksri

    iamviveksri Well-Known Member

    has ics update been released?? news to me! are u sure its ics update or firmware update.. please recheck
  3. kelbob

    kelbob Member

    im new to this im sure its the ics update or may just be firmware.ics updates are due begining of march april for 2011 xperia phones. mine is xperia ray so just presumed. cant check as my phone will only power on to show me a box with an arow comming out of it and a loading bar then powers off. hope someone can help.

  4. Jake-SonyXperia

    Jake-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

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