How long does the battery last on your DROID after conditioning?

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  1. androidnewb

    androidnewb Member

    Describe your usage and how long it usually lasts you. This is only for people who have done the battery conditioning.


  2. hbg

    hbg Active Member

    10 to 12 hours.
  3. addyct

    addyct Active Member

  4. DGalt

    DGalt Well-Known Member

    battery conditioning?
  5. deftdrummer

    deftdrummer Well-Known Member

    Yeah what is this battery conditioning you speak of?
  6. ctlongley

    ctlongley Member

    Battery conditioning is "When you intentionally discharge a battery down to a certain minimum voltage and then recharge it this is known as battery conditioning or reconditioning . It is also sometimes referred to as battery exercise. This is particularly important to reduce what some call the memory effect experienced using NiCD batteries if you habitually do not fully discharge them each time you use them. For NiCD batteries this must be done periodically, approximately every 10 charge/discharge cycles or so, or the batteries will begin to lose capacity. For NiMH batteries conditioning is not really needed to reduce any memory effect because that is negligible in this type of battery. However, reconditioning is very convenient for both NiMH and NiCD batteries because brand new batteries are not charged when you receive them and they must be charged and discharged three to five times before they reach their full capacity. In addition, occasionally conditioning rechargeable batteries helps to ensure that they give you years or service and save you as much money as possible, before you recycle them and get new ones."

    Frequently Asked Questions about NiMH Battery Chargers, AA and AAA

    This also applies to Lithium Ion batteries such as the BP6X sitting in your Droid.
  7. addyct

    addyct Active Member

    in layman's terms, it means after fully charging and fully discharging your battery 3-5 times.
    This will solve a lot of the battery problems people are seeing with this phone.
  8. borderless

    borderless Well-Known Member

    I know conditioning has been suggested many times in this forum but it just isn't necessary. A quick google search confirms this on just about every site/article...
  9. d1pham

    d1pham Well-Known Member

    Anywhere from 12-18 hours depending on usage. However, as of today, I'm @ 80% after 8 hours of usage.
  10. tdog7879

    tdog7879 Member

    I use the app called battery left and on a full charge it shows me that i have 14 hrs and change.... but it still really all depends on how much im on the phone ... I cant stop cause i wont stop!
  11. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    That's odd, Seidio, an aftermarket extended battery maker, states that "conditioning" is required, as part of the directions included in their packaging. Both of my Droids also had poor life their first few days...after about a week with each one, I was able to get a full 24 hours with normal use.
  12. DGalt

    DGalt Well-Known Member

    my batter is down to 90% after only a 30 minute phone call. yesterday it was down to about 60% in only about 3 hrs of usage :confused:
  13. craighwk

    craighwk Well-Known Member

    No, it does not apply at all. You should not regularly drain Li-ion batteries like you used to do with older types of batteries. In fact, regularly discharging all the way is more likely to cause harm than good (although it's okay to do it once a month or so to calibrate the battery indicator).

    You should charge as often as you can.
  14. d1pham

    d1pham Well-Known Member

    All lithium ion batteries need to be calibrated. Notebooks, GPS, phones, etc.
  15. DGalt

    DGalt Well-Known Member

    to do that do you need to like it discharge completely? b/c I haven't done that yet and I'm worried my indicator isn't accurate.
  16. craighwk

    craighwk Well-Known Member

    Once every 1-3 months, yes.

    Yes, you must drain it completely so that the phone won't power on at all.
  17. BucYouUp68

    BucYouUp68 Well-Known Member

    I was getting about 8 hours before conditioning, now I am at 14-16 hours, depending on usage. Believe what you want, Google what you want. Condition your battery, it works.
  18. DGalt

    DGalt Well-Known Member

    is leaving the phone plugged in while you use it bad for it? like, if I'm near a computer / at my apartment i tend to plug the phone in if I'm using it
  19. craighwk

    craighwk Well-Known Member

    No, it's not. It will trickle the charging once it hits 100%. Unless you're leaving it plugged in for days on end, there is no harm in letting it charge.
  20. DGalt

    DGalt Well-Known Member

    what do you mean trickle the charging? and I'm more referring to that even after it's fully charged I'll leave it plugged in if I'm near a plug.
  21. craighwk

    craighwk Well-Known Member

    The phone will automatically slow the charging to a crawl once it hits full charge, therefore not causing any harm leaving it plugged in fully charged.
  22. BucYouUp68

    BucYouUp68 Well-Known Member

    Kinda getting away from the topic here, please stop Hijacking the thread...Thanks
  23. androidnewb

    androidnewb Member

    My droid eris just died after 22 hours from al day of moderate use. Running down the battery once and charging up has already improved my battery life dramatically. I thought the Motorola droid was supposed to have a better battery and battery life than the HTC eris? I was considering switching to the droid because I thought I would get better battery life. After seeing the hours posted here I'm not so sure it lasts longer anymore... so now I'm confused again??
  24. Fadelight

    Fadelight Well-Known Member

    That is something I like to refer to as "newness wearing off". ;) You use it non stop for a week, and then it just becomes a phone again.

    Battery conditioning was part of the old Lithium-ion batteries that would develop a "memory" when not fully discharged. It does not hold true to newer generation batteries. The belief that it will help is, at this point, much like the belief that cell phones will crash planes or blow up gas stations.

    So in brief, any of you who believe in conditioning were, not too long ago, correct. But the world turns, life changes, technology advances, etc, etc, etc.

  25. d1pham

    d1pham Well-Known Member

    16 hours in and my battery is at 50% right now. The battery does get a lot better after calibration and a few full charges.

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