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  1. ghostwriter

    ghostwriter Member

    Post how long you get with your battery. Also, if you've made any changes to your phone to make it last longer, please post them.

    The first day I had my phone it lasted six hours.

    The second day it lasted twelve hours after turning off GPS/WiFi/Background Data.

    Today, it's been off the charger for three and a half hours, and I'm down to 75%.

    What about you?

  2. MattDC1868

    MattDC1868 Member

    I have experienced the same fluctuations in battery life in my Eris as well. I keep all non-essentials off (GPS, WIFI, etc.) unless I absolutely need them. Other than that I have adjusted the back-light setting to stay on for a shorter duration. Also, make sure that your "disable auto backlight" checkbox is unchecked (settings>sound and display and about 3/4 down towards the bottom of the list).
    Another thing you might want to try which has been working for me is to download the "Advanced Task Killer" (Free on the android market). This will let you shut down tasks that have no purpose remaining open as they simply drain your battery quicker even if you are not using them. Hope this helps!
  3. MattDC1868

    MattDC1868 Member

    about 5 to 12 hours -depending mostly on talk time.
  4. aleis

    aleis Well-Known Member

    i come from windows mobile so im a heavy user.
    today was really good!
    i took it off the charger at about 8:30am, since then i have downloaded 10 apps, surfed the net about an hour total, used wifi to control my pc from my phone, tinkered like crazy for easily about 3 hours, used gps, sent a few text and im at 60% at 5pm.
    that tells me that this will definitely last a regular weekday cause i wouldnt use half of these functions.
    im normally home about 5pm so if it was an unusual day and i got it to say 40%, i would charge it when i got home.
    i followed the instructions for the hero battery issue (google it) and i use chomp sms.
    also, what i believe is a major contributing factor is, i let the battery die all the way out last night.
    until it turned itself off. im going to do this two more times like its recommended. lastly, when i was trying to kill it last night, it took 3 hours!!
    and it was at 40%!!
    i had wifi, youtube running, bluetooth, gps, pandora and downloaded some apps. it took a VERY long time to die!
  5. mcapehart

    mcapehart Active Member

    My battery life is horrible. I already snagged an extra battery (which I normally always do when I get a new phone anyway). I've learned that WiFi and Bluetooth really impacts the battery on this phone considerably.

    I picked up QuickProfiles from the Market to more easily regulate my WiFi/Bluetooth/Backlight, etc. It's really nice and you can create home screen shortcuts for each profile.
  6. BCM

    BCM Well-Known Member

    There has been conflicting reports on the usefulness of the Advanced Task Killer. Many people have said that it actually had a negative impact on battery life.

    I feel the phone does fairly well on battery considering all that it does and the small form factor. I'll always keep a charger in the car just in case.

  7. The problem is people dont understand that you have to turn off the "Mobile Network" this does NOT mean you will not be able to send and receive calls/txt msgs, ect.
  8. Needsdecaf

    Needsdecaf Well-Known Member

    Wifi - not a big drain.

    Bluetooth - stupid enormous drain.
  9. bsly

    bsly Member

    I just got 28 hours on a single charge from 100% to 03%. For more detailed info on my battery experience, see the sticky post "Battery Levels".
  10. dman2275

    dman2275 Active Member

    I tweaked the settings (30 sec screen sleep), shut off BT and WiFi, run Advance Task Killer and always sleep the phone when not in use.

    For a smart phone with such a small battery, I think if you get a full day on each charge that is great.
  11. LarryMcJ

    LarryMcJ Well-Known Member

    When I first got my Droid the batter was nearly depleted at the end of each day, that was with 10-20 calls and a lot of email. During this period I had GPS turned on, even though I didn't need it.

    I turned off GPS and now I'm currently on the third day and the battery is only now getting down to 20%. I just became a big believer in keeping GPS turned off. If you MUST use if for GPS, that's one thing...but if having your friends all know what street corner you're on is more important than battery life...don't complain about how quickly it runs out of power.
  12. Jevid

    Jevid Well-Known Member

    Then I wonder if a bunch of us have defective phones? GPS off, Wifi off, BT off, no widgets....can't get more than 14 hours, and that's with very few phone calls. Look at the sticky thread about this, seems that a number of people can't get decent battery life no matter what they do.
  13. SIGH....dont blame the phone for your errors.

    You did to turn off "Mobile Network". You are keeping the cellular radio active the entire time. What do you expect??
  14. LarryMcJ

    LarryMcJ Well-Known Member

    No...I don't think anyone defective batteries or phones...I think I just don't keep WiFi or GPS, or Bluetooth on unless I need them. This has proven to me to be effective. I kept them all on 24/7 the firs three days I had the phone and i was down to about 10-20% every night at 10pm. Now I'm not...pretty clear to me what causes the battery drain.
  15. Needsdecaf

    Needsdecaf Well-Known Member

    Forgive my ignorance, but what functions do you lose when the mobile network is off?
  16. Jevid

    Jevid Well-Known Member

    What I said in my post was that I *do* have wifi, bt and gps turned off. I still can't make it past 8:00 PM or so with light use....
  17. Data connection. You will still be able to send and receive calls and txt like normal.
  18. again, you dont have "Mobile Network" turned off. Your cell radio is active....
  19. Caddyman

    Caddyman Well-Known Member

    i don't think you should need to kill every connection on your phone in order to get a day of use, call me crazy.

    i won't be disabling mobile network, ridiculous, if battery life is that bad, there is a real issue that should be addressed by htc.

    i can understand gps, even wifi, but it is beyond silly to have to turn off you mobile connection all day in order to get 12 hours of use of a smartphone.
  20. Jevid

    Jevid Well-Known Member

    I agree 100%.
  21. Needsdecaf

    Needsdecaf Well-Known Member

    Ok, so that's stupid. I might as well go out and get a Razr or something like that if that's all I want to do.

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