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How long does your battery last?General

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  1. Ghost10bxl

    Ghost10bxl Well-Known Member

    I want to ask, I have a Galaxy S3, how much battery do you have when you're about to sleep? How often do you charge your phone? Once like every night or in the mid-day also?

    I'm curious because normally when I go to school, I don't use my phone often so when I come back, I still have loads of battery maybe 90% at 5PM.
    And I go to sleep with about 15% (yes I use my phone alot) at 11PM.

    Also when on holidays or weekends, I tend to use my phone through out the day so I'm already at about 40% at 3-4 PM which is kind of annoying. So I want to ask how much battery do you have? And are you using any 3rd party battery (extended one) or any spare?

  2. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Can be anywhere between 10% and 35% by the end of a 16 hour day, depending on usage and a million other variables. I charge it every night.
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  3. valorian

    valorian Well-Known Member

    I'd say I'm a moderate user. After about 12 hours I'll be at about 15% battery left.
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  4. CDPlant

    CDPlant Well-Known Member

    Currently on 56% after 17 hours, but then again I haven't really used it at all. Usually I'll go to bed with about 30% or so (after a 15 hour day)
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  5. iPredator

    iPredator Well-Known Member

    Depends on usage throughout the day 15-16 hours will be at anywhere from 15%-40% depending on the usage
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  6. ryancalif

    ryancalif Well-Known Member

    I'm getting a little over 4 days with light-moderate use on my 4200mah extended battery.

    Moderate use, about 3 days.
  7. MrGander

    MrGander Member

    My is only 4 days old. I dont have the roaming data turned on most of the time (use wifi) and it lasts all day comfortably
  8. MattG92

    MattG92 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Generally mine is on its last legs (5% or under) by the time I go to bed. That's with moderate usage but a fair few apps that 'push' e.g. 3 email accounts, touch, fb messenger. That and normally my wifi is on all day
  9. Pookeysgirl

    Pookeysgirl Well-Known Member

    Same here.

    Before I switched to the Hyperion battery I could get through the day with moderate use (texting, emails, some web surfing) and still have about 30% left. My husband's phone couldn't make it past 3pm without needing to be charged with heavy use (playing music, watching videos, texting, etc.)
  10. cincyrob

    cincyrob Well-Known Member

    im a heavy user(texting, email,internet,music) and im lucky to get 8 hours out of OEM battery. i do havea 4500mah extended gorilla gadgets battery that gets me about 12 hours useage. my kinda usage that is. ive accepted the fact that this awesome phone uses the juice, so i havea couple standard OEM batteries and my exended battery. so im good to go.
  11. Another unscientific, unquantified battery thread, where no proper battery testing methodology is used.
  12. Yatezy

    Yatezy Well-Known Member

    I can get through a day easily and with moderate use I can get 2 days out of it with about 4 hours on screen time. If I only get a day out of it its usually because I've spent a lot of time on the net that day.
  13. trucky

    trucky Well-Known Member

    Yeah but... Doesn't it feel good to be able to say "My battery lasts longer than your battery"?
  14. cincyrob

    cincyrob Well-Known Member

    whats more scientific then actual usage....just like building a motor for a car. in all the test it could be the best ever, but once out on the track it goes up in flames right off the rip. why worry about a device testing something that needs everyday usage out of it. NO 2 people use their phones the same. so there will always be a variance in each and every battery used. cant get any more simple than someone using the battery and charging and recharging to find what works and is acceptable for them.

    yet this is another battery issue thread, but it seems to have drawn your attention to it. not that anything useful has been added
  15. jasvncnt1

    jasvncnt1 Well-Known Member

    Theres too many variables. But I can go 1-2 days and get about 3 hours screen on time
  16. mumfoau

    mumfoau Well-Known Member

    Funny I was just talking to my fellow GSIII owning co-worker about what's really the point of getting 1-2 days of battery life save for being able to post it on forums like these. LOL
  17. jasvncnt1

    jasvncnt1 Well-Known Member

    Whats the point? I guess just knowing I don't have to constantly be worried about always having to plug it in. Whats the point of having a car that is capable of getting 30 miles to a gallon?
  18. Sashreek

    Sashreek Active Member

    I am getting around 1-1 1/2 days with 5-5 1/2 hrs of screen time, I charge my phone every two days.
  19. silentwitness

    silentwitness Well-Known Member

    the maximum i have ever got out of it was 1 day a 10 hours but on average it lasts about 15 hours odd i charge it mainly during the day.
  20. That's was my point, there is no point in making these battery threads because usage is not measurable.
  21. Thechidz

    Thechidz Well-Known Member

    I have a charging dock at home by my bed, and charging cables in both my car and work computer. I try to keep it charged at all times because the battery dies fast. I ordered a case that also has a built in battery replenisher too, should be here monday
  22. cashX3r0

    cashX3r0 Well-Known Member

    3-4 hours screen time. I have gone through three batteries on a Saturday (using a backup battery-my phone is never plugged in)
  23. wolf_walker

    wolf_walker Well-Known Member

    One use for these threads, is in 45 seconds I can see that everyone is getting about the same life on a charge I am. So nothing is out of the ordinary. As opposed to a mile long thread with tables and graphs that takes an hour to read. Those have there place too, like when shopping for an extended battery.
  24. mikes1

    mikes1 Well-Known Member

    Well I charge every day but I don't techinically need to. I posted in a thread a bit ago and just let my phone off the charger for the weekend to see how long it could go. I got down to 31% after 1 day and 6 hours with 2 1/2 hours of screen time and then I needed to charge a bit so I would have more juice for the rest of the day. Pretty good if you ask me
  25. endlive

    endlive Active Member

    my battery life is a joke. i charge it every night and at least one during the day if i want to keep it alive. hate to say it but my gf's 4s' runs circles around my battery life.

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