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How long has 2.2 been out - can't get it.Support

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  1. MrDangerous

    MrDangerous Well-Known Member

    I was at my aunt's place yesterday and she has a Vibrant. I checked her settings and it says 2.1 Update 1. And I was like "wha?" so I ran the "check for updates" thing and it said there were no updates.

    She has a really big problem with missing texts. Sometimes they'll all queue up and she will get them a week or more later with no explanation.

    I heard the 2.2 update fixes that but I can't seem to get it to her phone.

    I've got a Fascinate and it's already up to 2.3.5

  2. kacol16

    kacol16 Well-Known Member

    is her phone registered on samsung.com?
  3. plasticwood

    plasticwood Member

    You have to connect her Vibrant to the computer using Kies Mini (you can download it on the samsung website). Once connected to Kies Mini you can update to 2.2. You can not update to 2.2 over the air.
  4. VegasTouch

    VegasTouch Well-Known Member

    Im running ICS on mine :D
  5. DrPennington

    DrPennington Well-Known Member

    ^^ Cool story bro!
  6. sixstringsam

    sixstringsam Active Member

    I am still on 2.1 from laziness. I think i'll finally download Kies and update. How far can I update, is 2.3 out for the Vibrant? Can I go from 2.1 directly to 2.3?
  7. luvduchovny

    luvduchovny Well-Known Member

    With Kies you can only upgrade to 2.2 Froyo (and a maintenance update that still keeps it at 2.2) and that's it. If you are willing to root your phone then you can upgrade to Gingerbread (2.3) or even Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.3). Honeycomb 3.0 was never meant for phones only tablets.
  8. tinahhh

    tinahhh New Member

    Where can i download kies? the one I saw it said that I needed to be on 2.2 and wouldn't connect to my phone...

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