How long should it take to install usb drivers admire?Support

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  1. markyrocks

    markyrocks Member

    I know this is kindof a dumb question but I can't connect phone to computer bc it just gives me error msg unrecognized device ect. I formated computer to try to fix it. And it seems the admire drivers take forever to install? I mean for real they been installing for an hour now and still not done. I had fresh install of windows vista installed on this machine in less time.......

    I thought that maybe it was my computer's fault even tho I got amd quad core 2.8 ghz processor and 4.5 gb of ram....... but the other computer we have took similar amount of time to install? I'm just really dumb founded.

  2. septaric

    septaric Member

    I had the same problem. I noticed the files loaded faster if you can call it that in safe mode.
  3. esteemer

    esteemer Active Member

    yup it kinda takes a while, i have the same problem connecting my admire as usb mode,. only in charging mode
  4. Dragonlady

    Dragonlady Well-Known Member

    That's strange! It only took three or four minutes to install my drivers for the Samsung Admire.

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