How long to port?

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  1. cliqer

    cliqer Active Member

    I'm switching from PagePlus to Boost.
    I went through the online menus without a hitch and now I'm waiting... waiting... waiting...

    So how long does it take to port over to Boost?

    ps. it's been four hours now.

  2. cliqer

    cliqer Active Member

    Going on eleven hours...
  3. septembersrain

    septembersrain 句_句 Smurfing Awesome VIP Member

    This process can take up to 72 hours. The full 72 hours is unlikely but possible. That is the longest they are allowed to hold your number given you don't have any outstanding debt/arrangements with them.

    Verizon: This is the only company I've seen take the full 72 hours. They are the worst. Seriously.

    AT&T & T-Mobile: They tend to take 30 minutes all the way up to 24 hours on average.

    Sprint: It's instant, This is migration. We are the prepaid division of Sprint just like Virgin Mobile.
    *If you owe Sprint a lot of money they can block certain features on your Boost Mobile account like data. Then you have to get a new account and lose your current number.*

    Virgin Mobile: This is treated like a normal port in and unfortunately can take on average the full 72 hours. Though it's usually a 30 min/24 hour process.

    Cricket: Sometimes it's ported before we even finish the activation process. At most I'd seen 24 hours.

    Metro PCS: Usually around 48 hours. Though I've seen it done in around 24. Once I saw it in 15 minutes. Metro is random. =\

    Straight talk: Around 30 minutes. Most I'd seen was 24 hours like Cricket.

    Any other carrier I missed, I've never done a port in from. Sorry if I lack the information on this.

    Any questions feel free to contact me.
  4. ComfortNickel

    ComfortNickel New Member

    I found out the hard way that it takes less than 10 minutes for Boost to port. What takes three days is for the stupid "engineers" to get off their A&$ and do their job. I was dumber than them and spent 6 months figuring that out.
  5. TampaShooters

    TampaShooters Well-Known Member

    I am moving from Virgin to Boost, so I had to use T-mobile to port to first, then Boost since Sprint owns the two. Virgin to T-mobile sat on it for 27 hours until I called and talked to the porting section, then it only took 2 minutes. They kept saying 24 hours. Then from T-mobile to Boost it took 28 hours, they rejected it until I called and gave them my PIN, then it took 14 minutes.
  6. walpow

    walpow Well-Known Member

    My Warp took several hours. One reason is that AT&T needed my account number to port to Boost ... a number which appears nowhere on AT&T's site. I ended up on the phone with several reps and eventually everything fell into place. Then I had problems setting up Autopay on Boost's miserable website.

    I did my wife's phone yesterday, and I had the AT&T account number from my first go-around, and the whole thing took around an hour. (Not counting again dealing with setting up Autopay.)

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