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  1. thequeenscheese

    thequeenscheese Well-Known Member

    Just comparing to s3 threads the replys on here (s5 thread) the responsess and reply are virtually none existant, is this low users or low replys?

  2. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    Hold on a sec, one, two, three, four, five, whoah, wha, hay, stop moving. Ok, One, two, three, four, five, six, 5 million+. Unlike the S3 release which was huge, the S5 was an incremental release where many folks that have the S3 or S4 didn't see enough improvement to upgrade. Also, Android has matured and stabilized a lot since the S3 release, and the overall userbase of Android has moved along the learning curve as a whole. All of these factors probably contribute to the lower level of both threads and responses to threads.

    If that isn't what you were getting at, let us know.:)
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  3. Andre12dbsi

    Andre12dbsi Active Member

    I've had mine for about 2 weeks. Switched from an iPhone 5S.
  4. thequeenscheese

    thequeenscheese Well-Known Member

    Fair enough just wondered as was expecting a bigger user base by now
  5. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    Give it a bit more until folks start finding common nits to pick and threads will pick up. Then, when Android L gets released for Nexus and similar devices there will be a bunch of related threads. That's when the ATR section will really pick up as folks get impatient for the OTA's install various AOSP roms that are available. But yeah, we notice the slowdown.:(
  6. zoxxo

    zoxxo Well-Known Member

    I stepped up to the s4 from a Droid RAZR MAXX and then foolishly stepped up to the s5. It's not that the s5 is a bad phone (it's a great phone), but as Unforgiven pointed out, it is an incremental upgrade and I could have held out for the s5 prime or the s6. It's a little more durable phone, but I have yet to drop it or take it underwater for pictures.

    I really like the phone, but if the s6 is a really WOW phone, I will probably upgrade...
  7. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    Exactly, when the S3 came out it was a few months later than the GNex but was way better. Now to have a phone really have a wow factor relative to what's already in your pocket you need to wait 2 years instead of 3 months.:rolleyes:
  8. zoxxo

    zoxxo Well-Known Member

    They did up their specs (faster processor, better camera, etc.), and they simplified their OS a little, but I think Samsung's greatest weakness is it's software. I think that a high percentage of people don't like Touchwiz, and Samsung is still putting apps on the phone that nobody uses or duplicates what Google and a thousand different app developers do better. They did allow us to disable or uninstall some of their apps, but not enough.

    I honestly don't think Samsung is spending enough time researching and understanding their customer base. It might be that their UI and apps are popular in Korea, but they need to expand outward to their international market. I still don't like the way their audio app starts when my phone connects to Bluethooth, a feature that was present in the s4. They've also made the notification area very busy, which I consider to be valuable real estate. Many of their notifications can't be dismissed. I wish the settings bar at the top was a toggle on/off and/or at least you could make it smaller. I know some people like it, but a few of us want the space back.

    I like the phone, but it still needs some work...
  9. RyanSupertramp

    RyanSupertramp Well-Known Member

    I got mine last week. I like it a lot so far.

    With that said I had to take mine back after running the phone in ART instead of DALVIK and exchange it. Camera stopped working after that. Other than that, don't have many negative things to say
  10. sssteve72

    sssteve72 Well-Known Member

    I just got my S5 last Thursday. I upgraded from an Evo 4G (1st version).. Never even had a new battery and it was finally at the point it wouldn't take a charge and I couldn't take it anymore. I loved the Evo and so far I love the S5. The best feature to me at the moment is the camera. It is stellar!!!
  11. n2bowling

    n2bowling Well-Known Member

    I just got mine 2 weeks ago and I love it...
  12. zero66

    zero66 Well-Known Member

    razr maxx to s5 very happy
  13. James Howard Jr

    James Howard Jr New Member

    Samsung reports it has sold 11M Galaxy S5 since launch - May 14, 2014

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