How Many People Use The DROID Robot Sound On Their Phone

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  1. CookieMomster

    CookieMomster Well-Known Member

    LOL. It amused me for about a day also.

  2. hardcore.mike

    hardcore.mike Member

    i love the droid sound, but i made a custom one. it sounds like soundwave from the transformers cartoon saying

    "R7 has received an incoming notification."

    i have it so he says the names of people that call me the most. it sounds kick ass. but for some reason, R7 doesnt recognize my custom sounds anymore : (

    thats why i joined...looking for a solution.



    ps. named my droid "R7" as a tribute to R2D2 and 7 costanza.
  3. estobaughn

    estobaughn Active Member

    I remember thinking those sounds were really cool. I went and shortened it up a bit to use as an alert. cause 15 secs is more like a ringtone. Hope someone likes it. I do.

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  4. HardCache

    HardCache Well-Known Member

    I downloaded a Star Trek sound board on the market, and saved the 'Hail' sound as a notification.

    I also put on the Vigil/Superintendant incoming message sound from Halo3 ODST.

    I use one of those 2 for all notifications.
  5. johnnybirdman

    johnnybirdman Well-Known Member

    I use the Droid sound for gmail.
    Being a classical fan I use Hal 9000 for my exchange email.
  6. mick4394

    mick4394 New Member

    No way, man. The Droid noise was the first thing I got rid of when I started up my phone. Once was enough for me.
  7. aileendq

    aileendq Well-Known Member

    Me, too! My mother got the Godzilla roar....:cool:
  8. amd2132

    amd2132 Member

    Your right. I was using mine as the ringtone, props for making a great alert!

  9. tensider

    tensider Member

    I'm using the original Cylon "By your command" for emails and such, and the Kim Possible beeps for text messages.
  10. littledigger

    littledigger New Member

    could you tell me where i can get the farnsworth sound :D
  11. DavidE

    DavidE New Member

    I love the Droid sound for my texts and notifications. My ringtone is the opening of Stranglehold
  12. gentlefury

    gentlefury Well-Known Member

    changed it the day I got the phone. Gotta say tho, I'm really impressed with the number of decent sounding ringtones it comes with. Radiation is really funny, since it sounds like a GSM phone sitting next to a speaker. Clever.
  13. bigape

    bigape Member

    Love this sound. I use it for all notifications. Every contact has a different song as their ringtone. Unknown callers get The Tubes "Talk to ya Later". Not super original but I'm easily amused
  14. qgqlewis

    qgqlewis Member

    i use the droid sound. just wish there was a copy of it that sounded more like the commercial that says droid. there is a difference.
  15. istolvampire

    istolvampire Well-Known Member

    I found a site that translates words into R2D2's voice so I use one R2D2 saying email messages and one that says Motorola Droid. My other sound is R2D2 I just get a kick out of it. Droid on a Droid! See what I did there? lol
  16. Bramsy

    Bramsy Well-Known Member

  17. Jus4me

    Jus4me Member

    I want a different sound then DROOID when I have incoming msg, how do I change that with something I find funny :(
  18. phobic

    phobic Well-Known Member

    I've had the DROID sound ever since the phone came out for texts but I started geting tired of it so I changed it to what the Palm Pre Plus uses for notifications. I only had the Pre for a day but I got something useful out of it at least. :D
  19. Hola91

    Hola91 Well-Known Member

    i have been using the "droid" sound since day one for all notifications. At work it hasn't gotten to the point that when it goes off, everyone around me starts saying "droid" in their best voice. Still pretty comical. Now most of them have bought the droid.
  20. Gunner

    Gunner Well-Known Member

    Here you go...

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  21. inssane

    inssane Well-Known Member

    I have one in a DROID type voice that says "message" - very cool
    Got it off Malibo ringtones app.
  22. Jus4me

    Jus4me Member

    Thank U Gunner...I've changed it. I'm a Happy Camper now.
  23. inssane

    inssane Well-Known Member

    I love that tone - the deep part at the very beginning and then later would be awesome if substituted by the DROID sound. Listen to it, it's already kinda close.
  24. Jus4me

    Jus4me Member

    I have the Drunk Baby sound on my incoming msg's 2 funny 2 me when it goes off. I got it from ZEDGE.
  25. Jus4me

    Jus4me Member

    Now I'm thinking of Panda or GDE for my cell...what U guys think? I've also heard of Open House. Which is worth it...better?

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