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HOW MANY system updates can there possibly be?!General

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  1. Plaigh

    Plaigh Well-Known Member

    Every time I turn around my rooted Transform Ultra has a "system update". This thing wants to update more than any PC or Laptop I've ever owned. Is this right? I don't understand how many possible updates there can be? :confused:

  2. mydian

    mydian Well-Known Member

    There have been 2 updates to this phone since it was released. You can't OTA update a rooted phone without running into issues so if you're trying to, that's why you're having problems. You'll need to flash the update manually or use one of the many custom roms around here that already have the update.
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  3. Ralkkai

    Ralkkai Well-Known Member

    yeah you're basically runnng the same update over and over. its just not installing becuase you're rooted
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  4. Plaigh

    Plaigh Well-Known Member

    THANKS so much... That makes sense
  5. StarScream2109

    StarScream2109 Well-Known Member Developer

    I would say this is your best bet for getting the update :) just my 2
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