How many will be switching?

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  1. lacoste_rocker

    lacoste_rocker Well-Known Member

    Hey I was wondering how many of you guys will be switching the the HTC Inspire?

    I know I will! ;)

  2. mmiller2002

    mmiller2002 Well-Known Member

    i wouldn't switch to anything unless I'm eligible for the upgrade discount. it's too rich for my blood
  3. bcarruth

    bcarruth New Member

    If I can figure out a way to get out of the contract I signed in November then I might. Need to see it first hand and check out the size and weight of the device first though. A lot of people have said that AT&T is trying to keep people with them since the iPhone is moving to Verizon so they are working with customers to keep them on board, so we'll see.
  4. JudgeMAN

    JudgeMAN Member

    Personally, I am not. I love my Aria, and it has a very superb development community on XDA, but I am sure the Inspire will have awesome devs as well.
  5. bigmike75

    bigmike75 Member

    I am making the switch. I love my Aria, but the small screen is just something I cannot get used to. I have larger hands and it's just a major pain to text/type on the Aria. Hopefully that will improve greatly with the Inspire.
  6. erwaso

    erwaso Well-Known Member

    i actually got the aria over the inspire. i love the size of the aria and got 2.2 and att 4g isnt fully implemented anyways. so im good on waiting for an aria sized android fone with real 4g later :)
  7. AndrewAmazed

    AndrewAmazed Active Member

    Just curious but for those switching, are you paying full price for the Inspire?
    Or are you out of a contract, or what?
  8. OJsakila

    OJsakila Well-Known Member

    I just cant carry a phone in a case on my belt like some tech student...I prefer the extremley compact pocket size of the aria...I dont think theres a phone on the market any smaller with the same power/features...Half the phones out there dont look much smaller than all these tablets..

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