How much data - is 1 Gigabyte per month enough?

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  1. Martina

    Martina Member


  2. G8D

    G8D Well-Known Member

    I manage with 500MB.
  3. mez

    mez Well-Known Member

    1gb should be enough for what you said. I'm on 500mb not got very close to my limit yet I only have wifi at home use network all the time. I download emails and watch utube all the time.

    The only time I came close to my limit was when i had it teathered
  4. TheJock

    TheJock Well-Known Member

    Definately enough Martina, i find now i download any apps vids etc over wifi at home, i dont leave mobile internet on much more to save on battery than data, but i only taking about 100mb a month so i guess a light user. I guess though it does on the user 10g would be difficult to use up unless your downloading dvd's which wont be happening.
  5. Martina

    Martina Member

    Thanks very much everyone

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